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How to get rid of pimples on your back

How to get rid of pimples on your back

usually all start to worry about the fact that there were spots on the back with the arrival of spring and summer - the season when everyone is laid bare more than it did in the winter.And when it comes time to go to the beach and to defile it in one of a bathing suit, who often covers almost nothing ... Here it begins to panic.In general, the problem of acne on the back round.After all, all cases dating, with their sensual extensions, holidays, for which so wants to wear a dress with open back - you can not let your imperfections surprise the surprise and feel uncomfortable.And it can be eradicated only problem.You do not know how to get rid of pimples on your back and shoulders?Read on and all will become clear.

Why pimples on the back

Why do I get pimples on your back

Before the decisive struggle with the problem, you need to find out the causes of acne on the back.It should be noted that no one will be able to name the source of the problem is clearly not spent in each case a full investigation.The reasons are compl

etely different and usually represent a set of negative impacts, both inside the body and outside.But more often the reason that you have purulent acne on the back, is a strong sweating of the skin on it, and the absence of air due to synthetic or overly warm clothing.As well as clothes from fabrics that do not leak air, and do not absorb excessive skin-generated moisture.

Causes rash on the back can be so:

  • unhealthy digestive system;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • lack of proper care of the skin in the back;
  • excessive sebum on the back;
  • wrong power supply system;
  • hormonal disorders, not only women but also men.

most dangerous last reason, because it could lead to even more serious problems both internal and external.So if you regularly have red spots on the back, it is best to consult a doctor and be tested for hormones.

Also, if the problem is very acute acne as soon as you come to the reception to the doctor drew his attention to other aspects (of course if you are present):

  • maybe you suffer from improper metabolism.And this is what leads to dysfunction of the sebaceous glands;
  • maybe your body's impaired resistance to infections pustular.

All necessary tests you appoint a doctor, and he also tells you how to deal with the problem in the future.But still you need to begin treatment only to eliminate its causes, otherwise you can only make worse.

How to cure acne on the back

How to cure acne on the back

struggle with the emerging on the back acne should start immediately.Even at the initial stage of their elimination would be quite problematic, and what to speak of advanced cases.Believe me, in this situation, everything will be even worse.

One of the most accessible and simple methods that can cure acne on the back of women, it is the usual treatment of problem areas potassium permanganate.It is remarkable dries pimples and prevents new appear in such numbers.Also can not be limited to places with spots, wipe tool back completely.But it should be done on clean and dry skin.If you will be using potassium permanganate regularly very soon notice that acne was much less.

Acne on the back, the causes of which are often associated with poor diet, you need to clean up sitting on a diet and started to eat.This is a very good way to combat the problem.

Under proper nutrition in this case, it should be understood that the exclusion of the consumption of food that has a negative effect on the digestive tract.And this in turn has a direct reflection on the skin of the body.

diet should be about the same on any sit wishing to lose weight: the exclusion of food from the fast food, the absolute rejection of all sweets and flour products, reducing the amount of consumption of spicy and fatty foods.All of this is eliminated because of the fact that such food is able to provoke a greater activity of the sebaceous glands.So even if you start to dry skin, but at the same time to eat biscuits and sweets, acne does not pass, and will only increase, because "scared" your actions the body begins to produce even more sebum.

Today, there are a huge number of sold assets that should help in the fight against acne.But in fact, not all of them have a positive impact on the problem, some of it only getting worse.This applies primarily to the body scrub (purchased and home-made), with the exception of salt scrub which will be discussed below.

Getting rid of acne at home

Getting rid of acne at home

you ever asked yourself how to quickly get rid of pimples on your back at home?If so, then most likely, you know that there are many folk remedies that can solve this problem.Make it adopted a few tips:

  1. Take brewer's yeast and vitamins, but only after a doctor's recommendation.
  2. sun and solarium are able to remove the lesions and to restore the beauty of your skin.But be sure to use these benefits within reasonable limits.
  3. Taking a bath or shower, always vigorously rub the problem areas hard sponge.It will increase blood circulation, which insanely useful for your beauty.
  4. Follow your bath steps in the correct sequence: first you need to wash your hair, and only then the whole body.The reason is that the shampoos and conditioners that you use for your hair, in contact with the body, can clog pores.
  5. take a bath with the addition of chamomile decoction and sea salt.In these wonderful tools hidden answer to the question how to remove acne from the back, how to improve the elasticity and skin tone.
  6. make a mask for problem areas of algae, clay and healing mud.
  7. can gently apply a three-percent peroxide solution, which is treated skin affected by acne.
  8. Clean pimples salicylic acid or zinc ointment.These funds are very cheap and easy to buy at any pharmacy.But the result of their incredible.Believe me, in addition to those funds no other ointment acne on your back you do not need.
  9. wipe the skin with tincture of calendula to alcohol.Only it should be pre-diluted with boiled water.
  10. acne treatment area with a mixture of baby powder, talc and three percent peroxide.If this is the way to solve the question of how to treat acne on his back you choose, keep in mind that the best use of talc, which does not have in its composition of perfumed fragrances.
  11. salt scrub cleanses the skin.Cook can be as follows: make a mixture of two tablespoons of plain salt and a tablespoon of baking soda.They need to add a little bit of gel for washing (it should be specifically designed for oily skin) and stir all together until the consistency of gruel.

All of the above methods is completely possible and can not solve the problem of acne on the back, especially if you have already started the case.But if you abide by the principles of proper nutrition, thoroughly clean the skin, it will be a very serious step in the struggle for healthy and clear skin.

thing to remember is that acne is in any case impossible to squeeze (and quite difficult to do it on the back), as a way to give a very short time result.Plus everything else, it can bring such problems in the future, which will see their acne on the back, "what to do" is not your first cry of the skin condition can worsen just awful.Moreover, there is a possibility of entering into the skin infection.

Special methods and means, if you have a skin condition started strongly, should choose only a professional - a dermatologist or beautician.He will reveal the cause of acne and prescribe the necessary treatment.

composing your individual program of treatment of acne, the doctor will consider your age and gender, time period, which lasts for your disease, a form of acne, the degree of damage, perhaps some associated disease and the results of the analyzes.

How in the world there is no other person like you as two drops of water, and the nature of acne is unique.So the first thing you should do - is to consult a doctor.

And last but not least, advise what to do, so that the problem does not appear again in a few years.

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