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How do you know who will be a girl or boy

How do you know who will be a girl or boy

«the queen gave birth to the night, not the son, not the daughter of ..." As soon as there are two test strips, after surging as the feelings a woman begins to torment the question: Who is in the "teremochke 'lives?Boy or girl?Funny and cute wondering parents deal with this fascinating game interesting and close relatives, and friends and neighbors.

Medical twenty-first century can, starting from 15-16 weeks, quite accurately determine the sex of the baby.Although such a young age because of the location of the embryo is difficult to predict what "dignity" he has hidden, errors may occur: the fetus and turn back, embarrassed, did not want to "open";the child tightly crossed legs, the girl's going to happen swelling of the labia minora and the place will be like a scrotum ... In general, the subtleties in this business a lot, and the doctor can make a mistake.In the second trimester in the survey (screening) in the 22-24 week you can confirm or refute the hypothesis.The fruit at this time becomes

more mobile, at a certain persistence ultrasound sensor device can find the correct angle image and learn the sex of the remains.The same will, and in the third trimester.

determine the sex of the double is much more complicated.Although the timing of occurrence of the same sex, with the 10th to 15th week, but the chance to hide them so much more.Easier defined heterosexual embryos: a boy and a girl, and gay - somehow always hiding each other.

Who and when determining the sex of a baby

A set of chromosomes

set of chromosomes

boy or a girl "programs" future father at conception.A well-known fact that the human chromosome set is 23 pairs - 46 chromosomes.Twenty-two of them are the same, and the 23th may differ.In women, it is XX-chromosome in males - XY.The nuclei of cells of the human body contain 46 chromosomes, 23 of which are inherited from the mother and 23 others - from his father.The core of the female egg has a stable 23 identical chromosomes and sperm is of two types: one carries the X-chromosome in the set, and the other - Y-type.In the first case, after fertilization, the light will be a girl, and in the second - a boy.

How to reveal the secret "sealed book»

Divination about sex baby

Divination about sex baby

Before you know who will be a girl or a boy, scientific way using ultrasound,in the course are numerous folk superstitions.

«half old lady said something so guess ..." Someone believes national divination, while others treat them leniently as another entertainment.But these predictions always come true: sometimes exactly and sometimes - on the contrary, with the opposite result.The most entertaining way to be the next method.A sheet of paper outline the dividing line in half.In one column write the result of divination "girl", another - "boy."Both results are divided by the number of "requests-divination" and the largest percentage will show us the preferred result.

classification will

Signs of predicting the floor

Signs of predicting the sex

Folk "guessing" can easily be divided into:

  1. Signs that are associated with the process of conception;
  2. Signs that characterize the appearance and behavior of future moms;
  3. Determining the sex of the baby by the contours and proportions of the abdomen;
  4. Signs that are associated with the behavior and appearance of the future father;
  5. alternative methods associated with the use of available tools: needles, rings, keys, etc.)


Divination by fertility

Divination by fertility

The first group will includeapproval:

  • If this mysterious act of love occurred before the day of ovulation, it is necessary to wait for the girl, and if conception occurred in the expected release of the egg, or the day after - waiting for the boy.This thesis is confirmed, doctors often as sperm with a Y-chromosome is more mobile, but short-lived, and his fellow X-linked - slow, but survives longer.
  • If your pair every day and actively loves to indulge in pleasures, you can count on the pink vests, and if breaks in the case of 2 or 3 days - then the blue.Doctors at the expense of a mysterious smile.
  • If in the process of conception are very active partner, then we come up with the name of the girl, as if on the contrary - a boy;
  • Someone who loves?Signs say that if a man loves his wife more, more often boys are born, if the wife worships her betrothed, then - the girls.
  • If at the moment of conception a woman emancipated and experienced powerful magical orgasm, it is likely to be born small defender;
  • Grandmothers can advise the use of diet to conceive a boy.The diet it suggests the prevalence of meat and fish products, rice, potatoes, apricots and oranges.
  • for birthday girl healer recommend dairy food, eggs, predominance of vegetables and fruits (apples, pears, strawberries, etc.).Chances birth mother's helper will increase significantly.

Behavior future moms

Taste change during pregnancy

change in taste during pregnancy

Centuries of experience observing the habits of pregnant women of different ages and nations has become the basis for a "Code»:

  • The hardest evidence of toxicosis conception male child, it is confirmed by physicians.
  • on hands, face or feet appear visible black hairs - as confirmed by endocrinologists - likely will be a boy.
  • If future mom prettier, clean and has got elastic tone of the face, stunning shine radiate health and her hair - expect a tomboy.
  • If pregnant often feel cold limbs than before conception - are waiting for the boy.Pregnant women suffer from hot tide?Chances are waiting for a girl.
  • Areoles (circles) around the nipples darkened considerably, and greatly increased the breast and "suffused" - pregnancy over birth of a boy.
  • pregnant sleeping on your left side - to the boy, and the right - to the girl.
  • Pregnant girl urine predominantly light straw color, and a boy in pregnancy it is usually a darker shade.
  • Getting up in the morning always with the left foot, pregnant give birth boy.Stretching out their hands, showing them the back side - the boy and shows the palm of your hand - even preparing bows.He gets up from a sitting position on the floor and rests on the left arm - the boy is.
  • If you often have a headache - born boy.

Form belly

Guessing on the shape of the abdomen

Guessing shaped belly

Although scientific methods, doctors also sometimes like to tell fortunes:

  • bulge acute abdomen "cucumber", which is almostnot visible from the back - to the boy.Wide, round and low belly "pumpkin" - to the girl.
  • Belly of a pregnant more visual "shifted" to the right side and the axis line navel and pubic area is also located to the right of the center of the abdomen - is born a tomboy.If all the signs are left - will lull princess.
  • Boys heartbeat occurs at a rate of 140 beats per minute, and the girls - 126.
  • If the inspection on US fruit turned sideways to the machine and its bodies are not seen, experienced midwives look closely at the mouth if it is open, it- girl."Loose" girls even in my mother's tummy.
  • Beating and kicking kid bullies in my mother's belly?If the blows fall on the liver (right side) - Girl on the bladder, close to the left - to the boy.
  • In most boys are born bald?But they say it is.

Determination of sex of the child

Sexing baby
  • If a man often experiences a stressful situation, a workaholic, loves steam room, wearing tight underwear - even preparing to nurture her daughter.Doctors say that these factors have a negative impact on sperm motility, so they are dominated exclusively XX- «girlish" chromosome.
  • Pass bright thread a wedding ring, a needle or other pendulum.Arrange on a flat surface and hold the vertical plumb line above the belly.Ring or Needle describes a circle - predicts the birth of little girl, swinging in a straight line - the baby will delight designers and cars.It will take
  • pregnant big key on the table for the ring - born heir to the rods and future football from the base key (long part) - to my mother's helper.
  • Counting on updating the vital energy - the blood of his father and mother.In women, it is updated every three years, for men - once in four years.Operations, childbirth or blood donation renew the blood, regardless of schedule.To add the date of birth of the woman multiple of three men - a multiple of four.If during this time there was an unexpected upgrade, the countdown begin with him.We stop at the date of conception.What blood was "fresh", the floor will be a child.Age
  • future moms.Determine how many full years of my mother.Then remember the date of conception (about a month).

father, his appearance and behavior

Fortune-telling by appearance men

Divination in appearance men
  • In most boys are born bald?But they say it is.
  • If a man often experiences a stressful situation, a workaholic, loves steam room, wearing tight underwear - even preparing to nurture her daughter.Doctors say that these factors have a negative impact on sperm motility, so they are dominated exclusively XX- «girlish" chromosome.

Alternative divination

The calculation of the child

calculation sex of the child

If mom even number of years, on the "odd" month of conception she will appear the boys (in January, March,May, etc.).And in the other months - girls.

If Momma "odd" years, the heirs have to wait for "even" month of conception.

Another way: By the age of mothers at the time of conception, add the serial number of months of this happy occasion and another one.In your answer, "even" number?It will be a girl, odd - a boy.(If you are 23 years old, and the birth took place in March, the 23 + 3 + 1 = 27 - the son.

Parents, by and large, need a strong healthy baby. Before you know who would be: a girl or a boy, askyourself, will you love this dear child more or less depending on sex? Experienced parents always say that is unlikely. Therefore entertain folk fortune telling can be both the first and the third pregnancy, knowing that fate still will present you an amazingSurprise!

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