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What if blown neck

What if blown neck

health often brings us.In different parts of the body we feel the nagging and aching, waving "uncomfortable sleep" or "chill, probably."Neglect to such a seemingly small problem can turn into a very serious consequences.Modern modified viruses and infections can even cause pathological changes in the organism.It is therefore important to recognize the threat and take active measures to eliminate it.Blow

may at any time of the year - enough to light breath of wind, fleeting draft.What if blown neck?How to be treated?Pain in the cervical vertebrae may be accompanied by additional symptoms : headache, nausea, numbness of fingers, dizziness.

Will pharmacy

Ointments for neck

Ointments neck
  1. Warming means.Various warming creams and ointments can help to quickly restore lost health.It is very unpleasant to feel pain when turning heads when walking or reading a book.Before buying a particular warming means necessary to consult with your doctor.In addition, allergies should carefully approach the
    choice of remedy.High sensitivity to some components could cause a burn and have already run to the pharmacy for "panthenol".
  2. painkillers.By the choice of anesthetic drug should be treated with caution, because this type of medication clog the blood and gradually accumulate on the walls of blood vessels, can reduce the activity of blood flow and even clogging the aisles.

Complementary therapies

Massage the neck

Massage neck

Massage - an excellent remedy for the treatment of virtually all types of ailments that can happen to a person.The miraculous hand of professional masseuse will help you quickly get in shape and forget about discomfort.In a case where blown neck, necessary to carry out a massage with light warm-up funds.During the procedure, the active ingredients penetrate deeply into the patient's skin and exposed to the locus of inflammation.The pain weakens and dies down, and the patient feels healthy and vigorous.

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Rubbing alcohol neck

Rubbing alcohol neck

excellent alternative means of warming serve alcohol.He has a wonderful warming effect.Simply soak the bandage or gauze in diluted alcohol or vodka, and attach to the sore spot for some time.For the "exclusive" pain can be even in a compress pour and red hot peppers, but we must act with caution.

In addition, various extracts will help relieve tension and mitigate pain.Do not forget fragrant baths.In the water you can add rosemary oil, menthol, lemon balm, and others.The scent of peppermint helps to relax and give a restful sleep.

Correct posture

Rest Neck

Rest Neck

When blown neck is difficult to correctly and smoothly sit in the workplace.Usually people who have a sore neck, sit so that the pain is felt as little as possible.If necessary, you can even use a special neck pillow.Soft and comfortable, it will help to keep your head in the correct position.

during the night or the day of rest is best to lie on your side.This position is considered the least traumatic and want to sleep.Besides, it is better to sleep on his right side, so as not to create an additional burden on the heart.


Pillows under the neck

pillows under your neck

Let your neck muscles from time to time to relax.When pain is felt more stress.If you can not relax yourself, you can drink tea of ​​peppermint or take any light sedatives.At home you can drink some goryachitelny drink just a little bit.

You can take a shower and massage the affected area with hot running water.You can use a heating pad for pain relief and relaxation.For children up special soft toys, heating pads, which must be placed in a microwave oven before use.In addition, these plush "warm animals" have a delicate soothing scent that will enhance the effect of warmer and will for some time to forget about the pain.

protection from neck pain

Massage Scarf

Massage Scarf

After applying a warming agent, massage or performing other procedures as well as during therapy need to wrap the neck in a warm scarf orshawl.This thermal protection will not only prolong the effect and enhance the action warming agents, but also help prevent the recurrence of the disease.

And in many cases, helps not to smoke.Firstly, one does not need to go back skvoznyachok that already nestled in the cervical region and makes itself felt throbbing or sharp pain when turning head or other movements.Secondly, nicotine has a negative impact on the body, reducing its protective abilities, creates a favorable environment for the development of various fungi and bacteria.

Exercising will also help relieve the pain.Special exercises must be performed very gently, gently.Sharpness in this case is more opponents than supporters.Overloading the neck muscles can not.This can lead to serious consequences.

common cold can become extraordinary, and even lead to tragic consequences.Cervical is very important for proper body function.The neck connects the head with the rest of the body, holding her.With a cold neck muscles it is possible even pinched vertebrae.Therefore, it should be treated with special care to the treatment of colds and infectious diseases of the cervical.

concerned about their health should always be very careful.Timely help rid the body of ailments and diseases.Healthy Lifestyle, scrupulous when planning the diet, an active social life and mental balance in interpersonal relationships provide an excellent base for a quick recovery, hardening and strengthening the body.Sport games, swimming, fitness contribute to hardening of the body.Health - a priceless gift.A healthy person - is a happy man.