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Where to spend New Year together in 2015

Where to spend New Year together in 2015

Many people associated with the onset of the future, their hopes for renewal, new discoveries, achievements, new stages of development of relations with close and dear people.In ancient national signs "How to celebrate another New Year - so spend it ..." laid wise sacred meaning.Under the magical chime true surprisingly most cherished desires.Perform these magical moments in the arms of a really dear and loved one - that can compare to this romance feels ?!New Year's Eve and love are intertwined in a beautiful duet feelings filling the heart of the holiday thrill and endless happiness.But where to spend the New Year together in 2015 to evening seemed magical and memorable for a lifetime?

Options celebration

Dinner for two

dinner together

I want to retire from the noisy groups of friends and family, spending the night with your loved one?To arrange an interesting and memorable holiday for two?First, try to determine what you expect from this magical night.

ideas may depend, oddly enough,

on the strength of your relationships, the flight to your imagination and, of course, on the level of your ability.

  • Some people prefer to be quiet celebratory dinner gatherings at the TV and watching the New Year's show program;
  • Others dream of a passionate night of love, interspersed with tangerines and champagne;
  • others prefer rustic option - to go to the village, to the country or just in the fairy-tale forest (of course, preparing in advance for themselves a snow tower);Fourth
  • not averse to dart away to distant lands and to celebrate this holiday at least in the hot south, at least for a chilly north.

Preparing a romantic evening

Romantic dinner

Romantic dinner

decided to make an unforgettable night in his native walls?Or book a cozy cottage in the country where you will celebrate the New Year together in 2015?To fully feel the solitude with the family and loved one, feel the warmth of its second half, arrange a romantic dinner.

engaged in its preparation better to somebody one of the lovers in secret from the other.Taking the trouble on their shoulders, you can make a nice exhilarating surprise his or her lover.

Christmas table setting

Christmas table setting

Making room - one of the main secrets of the sacrament of conversion of the room in the "Castle of Love": decorative candles decorate the entire space to live fire pleasantly lityour New Year's intimate dinner.Tablecloth pale green or pale blue tones for the year 2015 to become the mistress - Blue Goat, exquisite silk ribbon tied bow legged glasses and artificial snow will give an unforgettable experience winter fairy tale.

Note! menu for this evening is necessary to think in advance to include your favorite dishes halves.

They should be light and delicious, hearty dinner that did not prevent further dance or make love.For dessert, you can buy an air cake in the shape of heart - it will not only be a pleasant end of the meal, but also a great table decoration.



New Year - time admissions and symbolic gifts.2015 th - is no exception.Unusual souvenir or original (you can not very expensive) ornament can show a person how much you love it.

Note! exciting time of awarding surprise sometimes remembered even more than the gift.

New bedroom

New bedroom

Encountering the New 2015 together with her husband or boyfriend, chances are rejecting conventions, to be in the bedroom.Whichever scenario you choose, beautiful bedding, chilled bottle of champagne with glasses, scented candles in the room and erotic lingerie - the main attributes of a memorable evening.If desired, the bed can be decorated with rose petals, which will give an additional flair to your appointment.It can be exciting memories or good Christmas tradition.

Snow tower outside the city

Christmas hut snow

Christmas hut snow

unusual, childish fabulous and fun holiday can be arranged at the cottage or in the woods.First you need to choose a place for the future of the snow hut.For one or two days before the construction to collect clean snow and ram it until it lightly compacted.Thus, the shovel is easy to cut snow blocks, bricks and, as a designer, put the wall.

Snowy House

Snow House

in regions where a lot of snow, it is collected in the huge pile, a couple of days tamped snow and cut inside, checking the thickness of the walls, so they do notIt turned out to be fine.Carved windows, turrets and fabulous little animals will create the illusion of winter magic.

Note! If you are thinking in the woods, do not forget to stock up on a warm blanket, a thermos of hot tea and delicious tents.

snowball fights, of course, warm, but if you are not near suburban or country house, it is better to be safe, to keep warm.

Hot resorts

New Year

New Year's Eve among the palms

Want to pamper yourself with green palms and gentle sea, the blue sky and the southern sun?If traditional Egypt unrest, you can celebrate the New 2015 with the same oriental flavor in the UAE, Thailand, India, Israel and Vietnam.The beautiful beaches, rich cultural traditions of these countries will give you a feeling of happiness in the midst of chilly winter and nourish you with new pleasant impressions.


Ski resort in the Alps

ski resort in the Alps

New Year in the Swiss or Austrian Alps - an unforgettable event, however, this trip, unfortunately, are not designed for every purse.

Note! In recent years, celebrate the New Year a couple of our compatriots go in Bulgaria, Slovakia and Romania.

It offers the same high mountain, fluffy white snow and charming hotel.

Ski resorts in Bulgaria

Ski Resort in Bulgaria

Thinking where to spend the New Year 2015 together, think about these blessed lands.Cute, cozy restaurant on a mountain top, the heady air and magnificent mountain scenery, entertainment and fun holiday, skiing - you can choose any pastime and enjoy a wonderful holiday.

Snowy Finland

New Year in Finland

New Year in Finland

retire in a comfortable warm house in the midst of the Finnish winter forest fairy dream of many of our compatriots.

Note! Book a cottage in the country Suomi need in the summer, as demand for such a holiday is traditionally high.

Next to each house is a Finnish ski track or road, enabling the movement of snowmobiles, so you can not only celebrate New 2015 together in a charming cottage, but also to enjoy the fabulous nature of the country of a thousand lakes.

Skiing in Finland

Skiing in Finland

New Year's Eve 2015 together in Finland can also be performed at numerous ski resorts, skiing and snowboarding.

Any option celebrating New in 2015 will be unforgettable if your side will prevail spree, charging you with bright emotions, sparkling smiles, bursts of happiness, positive.Declarations of love, dreams, ideas and plans for the future - these are the main "cause" for the holidays!

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