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How to spend the Christmas holidays

How to spend the Christmas holidays

long-awaited light holiday of Christmas has its firmly entrenched features: in addition to the church, it intertwined folk and even pagan traditions.Most people prepare for it long before its onset.Starting from November 28, deeply religious people begin to keep a strict Advent, the outcome of which comes the evening of January 6 with the appearance of the first star - the symbol of the miracle of Bethlehem.A majority of our people like to celebrate Christmas and Catholic traditions - December 24-25 and Orthodox - January 6-7.A parallel has found a magical New Year!A string of these wonderful holidays can not overshadow the charm of a quiet relaxing family holiday.But that does not mean you have to miss.Think about how to spend the Christmas holidays, to choose the most interesting option, you can always remember wonderful Christmas.

Winter Activities

Winter fun
  • One of the most enjoyable and at the same time, the available budget options are considered to be the Christmas holidays spent with
    your family, with your loved ones and dear to people.You do not need to spend money on a trip to an exotic country, but rather to call to his friends and relatives or to go to them on the invitation.Traditionally on Christmas Eve, the evening of 6 January godparents tray kutyu - rice porridge with honey, nuts and raisins.Not everyone today adheres to this ancient custom, but his pleasure is replaced by a festive cake, candy and fruit.The advantage of this variant is considered to enjoy a warm homey feel and excellent friendly dialogue, which we so often lacking in a series of working days.You can please the friends and relatives small gifts, arrange competitions and games for children and adults, good to see an interesting movie.If weather permits, the Christmas Day gang can all go outside, taking with them skis, skates or a sled, play snowballs, ride the ice slides or making a snowman, returning briefly to his distant childhood.Fresh winter air and active games will give the perfect mood and feeling loved family holiday in the circle of family and friends.

Feeders for birds

Bird Feeders
  • tradition to invite to the table on Christmas Eve every passerby because under his appearance may be hiding Jesus Christ himself, in the villages is still aliveday.In urban life during the Christmas holidays linked by needy families or children's home.In any locality of the country decided to hang bird feeders, which in this period is difficult to find food.Grandchildren try homemade products bestow their grandparents and visit them, if not on Christmas Eve, in the coming Christmas season.
  • At Christmas has long been taken not to sit at the holiday table, gobbling up 12 dishes, and a lot to move, play, walk.After dinner believers went to church, and the rest ran into the street, dressed in costumes of fairytale characters or images of evil spirits: goat, fox, crane, wolf, frights.Today, teach or write on paper, carols songs that used to know by heart.Knocking on neighbors, friends and acquaintances, showered their grain for wealth and prosperity in the coming year, and the hosts will not fail to entertain Kolyada sweets, pastries, or to bestow a little money.

Christmas at sea

Christmas at sea
  • foreign lovers of extreme tourism take trips to Bali or Goa, which has long been loved noisy Russian tourists and suit for Christmas trees on the streets of gold-platedcoconut, bamboo and other tropical plants.Tourists themselves kutyu prepared with fresh fruits, talk to each other and have fun Christmas vacation.


  • In recent years, a fashion trend to go to the village for Christmas.If in rural areas do not have friends and acquaintances, the house is removed, pre-decorated Christmas trappings: paper angels, snowflakes and bright stars of tinsel.Prepared a cozy home, bring the different "camp" dishes and rolled a real Christmas feast!And after it offers a pleasant outdoor activities, festivals and Christmas Carols mummers, games in the snow, skiing, sledding, ice skating, singing and dancing until dawn.This holiday leaves only the most pleasant experience!
  • Connoisseurs quiet hideaway acquire cheap tickets to the next sanatorium, where they can enjoy the "lazy" rest or take a walk around the neighborhood on the pristine snow, a breath of fresh air.

Night divination

Night divination
  • Unmarried girls and adults from time immemorial enjoyed the fact that in the period from 6 to 18 January were the Christmas holidays, when it was possible through a variety of divination to knowher betrothed or future events reveal the secret of life.They lit candles in front of mirrors, looking at the reflection, solitaire and "throwing slipper."A fun and carefree girl learned that if they come to get married this year, and the old guessing for the next harvest, sticking spikes in the snow, choosing the morning those that were covered with frost.These ears of grain promised a rich harvest of grain.

Christmas Eve

Christmas party

in bright Christmas holiday rarely think about how to spend the Christmas holidays, because these days are all folk festivals, games, dances.In the evenings, a cheerful and positive attitude makes a pagan ritual of caroling.Despite the development of high technologies, and mobilizing relations in modern society, we are increasingly drawn to its roots.Christmas - it's just a great excuse to relax, have fun and get a charge of vivacity and enjoy socializing with his family, relatives and friends.

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