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Beautiful New Year's Eve 2013

Beautiful New Year

Very short time left to wait for the New Year and it's time to think about home decoration, New Year's table and festive Christmas tree.Future New Year will be a year of black water snake.According to Feng Shui.For the next year brought the most success, he was successful and gave happiness and prosperity with all you need to respect the patroness of the year, and to placate her.

How to decorate a house on New Year 2013

How to decorate a house on New Year

How to decorate a house on New Year's Eve 2013

Firstly, it should be taken into account in the interior - this is what the nativeelement symbol of the future of the new year is an aqueous medium.Decorate the house different elements of sea subjects, such as sea shells, stones, put souvenirs in the form of snakes, and the inhabitants of the underwater world.

It is only necessary to know that the owner of 2013 - the lady with the big demands: she loves the beauty, does not accept the cheap veshchichek short, Give her something poroskoshnee, because, according

to mythology, it is the Warden of treasures and all kinds of jewelry she was not therea novelty.In general, in an expensive entourage do not limit yourself, if the state of finance, of course, allows the snake is accurately assessed.Get all most-most.The best should be not only jewelry, but also your clothes and a festive table decoration.Put, for example, in a prominent place a vase with floating candles, to insert spruce twigs and enjoy the beauty of the exposition and delicate fir flavor.

special place in the interior should take the character of the year.This can be a figurine, candlesticks, picture or panels, Tissue depicting snakes.Since the snake loves brightness and magnitude, try to show imagination and originality in the decoration of the house, take the creative process.Cold and silver shades, including blue, green, black must be present: Use silver tinsel, metal souvenirs, then the next year the snake does not deprive your attention.

Let your home in the New Year will recreate the atmosphere of the carnival - the snake should be fun and play, because she loves the movement and activity.Try to free up more space in the apartment for festivals and dances.Invite guests to the house, so that surrounding yourself with friends and family fun to celebrate the New Year.By the way, to dress for the New Year should be expensive, it is desirable to use ornaments of precious stones.And do not light sparklers - it may scare the snake, because water and fire are incompatible things.

decoration Christmas table

Decorations Christmas table

Beautiful New Year 2013nevozmozhen without a properly decorated with New Year's table, as it is impossible to achieve without the correct location of the snake chosen dishes.And the dishes on New Year's table should be fine.Give preference to be seafood, and some, and expensive, for example, cook sturgeon, trout, served with red and black caviar.Everything must be tasty and served so that the eyes do not tear.

The table itself should be cleaned all the best: the best tablecloth, the best cutlery, perhaps the family silver, sparkling glasses.

Decorating Christmas tree

Decorating the Christmas tree

Christmas tree in the new 2013 must necessarily be present.The snake does not like artificial, like artificial things and, I must say, artificial behavior.Let this New Year attribute will create an atmosphere of the New Year with his entourage and flavors, the atmosphere of wonder and wish fulfillment.

We used to decorate a Christmas tree is traditionally and routinely took out boxes pylivshihsya the whole year in the nooks of our house, rain, glass balls, tinsel and garland.However, it is year of the snake gives space for creativity and imagination.Christmas decorations on black water snake year must be original.Fortunately designers Christmas decorations are not sitting idly by, and every year there is something new and different.

Did you pay attention to options such as decoration using bows of silk or nylon ribbons, fresh flowers or pom-poms from woolen yarn - it looks very stylish.To further cater to the hostess of the year, you can decorate the Christmas tree toys with the image of a snake.Another option make "edible" tree .The effect is achieved with the help of candies, tangerines, cookies, nuts, hung on the Christmas tree.Children will be delighted with a tree, let them hang his own "toys".The only pity is that if you are the happy parents of a young child, you will have to protect the decorations, even to the position of an hour to tree did not go "naked" at the crucial moment.

more budget option - beat colors , which prefers the patroness of the year - a blue, green, blue, gold and yellow colors, is a symbol of wealth.You can generally use decorations, hand made , for example, cut out paper snowflakes, paper balls (as they do, can be found on the Internet), the figures of cardboard, and maybe you love to draw and write out some acrylic ballscolors.Another great idea that is consistent with the snake love luxury - Christmas tree ornament banknotes .Agree, very original!

If you do not plan to deviate from the traditional way of decorating the Christmas tree, use silver and gold-colored toys and festive tinsel.

tree To add even more appeal, creates the effect of snow-covered branches with a special frost or from scrap paper glue, salt, foam and hairspray.Just smear glue sprigs and sprinkle with salt and finely the worn foam, sprinkle everything with hairspray to secure.all is ready!

So, what do you need to remember, ready for a new 2013:

  • required the presence of the symbol of the next year
  • Interior decoration elements of the marine theme
  • Luxury clothing, decoration and home decoration New Year's table
  • Originality in jewelry
  • LiveTree
  • color scheme, made in green, blue, gold and silver tones
  • Festive table with seafood

Here are the basic guidelines to help you celebrate New Year's nice and all the rules.Happy New Year to you!

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