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How to teach a parrot to talk

How to teach a parrot to talk

Along with cats and dogs, parrots share with us square meters and sometimes become full members of the family.It is well known that parrots memorize and reproduce human speech.Some parrots are so talented that absorb quite a decent vocabulary and know how to use the words "the case", thus creating the impression of an unusually intelligent birds.This bird-simulator is not a sin to boast in front of guests, but to teach a parrot to talk to us in one language, have to work hard.

How to choose a student?

Grey Parrot

Grey Parrot

Knowledgeable people believe that the most capable of learning in young males aged one or two months.The most trained representatives of the world are African Greys parrots, cockatoos and parrots.Jaco - among the most talented, but at the same time, and more naughty.It may flatly refuse to play human speech, quenching the thirst of imitation, copying various sounds.And besides, these parrots are quite expensive.

excellent alternative Grey parrots are familiar, th

ey can remember and reproduce a large number of words.Not all birds have the same ability to learn, so be prepared for the long-term lessons.Choose a parrot that initially interested people as to teach a parrot to talk, in this case it will be easier.I'm sure that more talented individual who is watching you and listening to the voice.

Some conditions

The content of parrots

Content parrots

The most important condition for ensuring the success of the whole enterprise, is the absence of other individuals in a cage of birds.This can be distracting, asparrot easier to communicate with their relatives than to learn something new, unexplored.Future talker should be kept in a separate cell of small size to the parrot had no place to hide from human contact.

purchasing a parrot, it is necessary to give him to get used to new surroundings.Let a few days will live safely, out of the cage, remove all unnecessary, all the toys - mirrors, bells, swing.

Methods of teaching

talking parrot

talking parrot

To get started, try to teach a parrot to say one word, for example, its own nickname.When he learns to confidently pronounce his nickname, you can move on to more complex tasks.Well, if the first word contains growling and hissing sounds, it will parrot will learn how to pronounce them.

Training should be conducted in a calm atmosphere, where excluded harsh sounds and the presence of outsiders.For a start should be limited to fifteen minute daily lessons.Ideally, lessons should take place with a parrot in the morning and evening at the same time.Over time you can increase the training time up to forty minutes.If you feel that the parrot is tired or losing interest, take a break or spent the remaining time later.You can motivate a parrot to learning by giving him a treat for their diligence.

educating bird, try timing word to a particular situation, then the birds have any right of association, and she will speak the phrase "vpopad."For example, phrases such as "Kesha wants to eat" must precede the process of feeding.

For training birds can be successfully used tape.This method is suitable for learning the poems and songs.However, the living human speech is a parrot greater interest.Words need to say clearly, with expression.

opinions about who should teach a parrot differ.Some believe that the parrot learns willingly, having a teacher of the man who he likes or to which he is more accustomed.But others say that the parrot is more susceptible to the voices of women and children.

And remember, the parrot can be a silent witness of your actions from time to time.Therefore, to not have to blush in front of guests, avoid the use of strong language in the presence of a parrot.