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Style bedroom interior

Style bedroom interior

idea stylish interior decoration is based on the desire to give the room a recognizable obraza.Stil interior features not only illustrates the taste and aesthetic preferences of owners of the house, but also reflects the era and culture in which it was created.

about a particular historical time can tell styles: medieval, Empire, Baroque, Gothic, modern (contemporary) art deco, country (Rustic), even high-tech.Ethnic characteristics give room styles such as: Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Oriental (eastern), Provence, Biedermeier.

On a separate, stand a very special place, never growing old classic style and eclecticism, which is a mixture of different styles.And if you do the design of the room in classic style is relatively easy, the style eclecticism requires extensive knowledge, impeccable taste, a sense of space and the ability to combine seemingly incongruous things.

In addition, many styles (high-tech, Japanese, modern) can be combined with the ideas of minimalism, almost ascetic simpl

icity of the situation, the absence of unnecessary furniture and freedom of space.

style bedroom interior can repeat the styles of other rooms and the whole house as a whole, but may differ materially, it is only important that they do not contradict each other.



styled bedrooms in a modern style - a bold three-dimensional solutions . Multilevel ceilings with straight or curved lines, niches, combined floor, perfectly smooth walls, built-in light, replaces the classic chandeliers and sconces.

palette of colors, diverse.And it's not necessarily the usual warm colors.For the bedroom, you can choose the color fading roses, tobacco, pearl-gray, greenish-cream, dusty lilac shades.Against this background, we emphasize one or two bright things.If the walls pasted wallpaper, they must be plain, without pattern, it is desirable, better texture.

choice of furniture is dictated by its practicality and functionality.It can be as natural wood and artificial materials.In choosing furniture it is important not to overload the bedroom furniture should be light, not bulky, modern form.

One of the main characteristics of the Art Nouveau style is a combination of classic and modern artificial natural materials such as wood, ceramics, glass, metal, stone and plastic.

curtains are used in modern design simple and easy, without pattern.

bedroom is decorated with vases of unusual shapes on the walls hang paintings or prints, made in the Art Nouveau style.If the bedroom TV set, it must be LSD, mounted on the floor or fixed to the wall.

Classic style

classic style

easiest way to perform bedroom design in a classic style , as the main criteria in this style is the symmetry and accuracy, simplicity of lines is proportional to the free organized space.

ceiling and walls can be moderately decorate stucco and gilt ornament simple.

main material for producing classic design is a tree, so it is preferred parquet flooring.

Wall decoration made wallpaper with a floral pattern, they can be alternated in the form of panels made of two colors.The tone set by wallpaper, repeated in Figure curtains, bedspreads and upholstery.The classic style is made for textiles emphasis, the ideal material is a heavy silk, trimmed with fringe and tassels flowing lush folds.

To create a classic style using only wood massive furniture, with characteristic carvings, often with the effect of aged surface.The bed is the center of the whole composition, it can be decorated with a canopy light, elegantly draped on a wooden frame.

to classic style did not resemble a baroque and carried the elements of modernity, some pomposity environment balanced low-key colors.Preference is given to classic style light, airy shades of green, blue, cream, olive colors.

used for lighting bedrooms classic stylish bronze and crystal chandeliers and sconces and table lamps or floor lamps.

Japanese style

Japanese style

Bedroom in the Japanese style is free space and functionality of a small furniture.

Based on Japanese philosophy, this style brings a wonderful harmony, giving a sense of calm and allows you to completely relax and unwind.

To create a Japanese style chosen only natural materials: wood, paper, parchment, cotton, ceramic, porcelain.

furniture chosen low, resembling a toy made of wood.The design of commonly used built-in wardrobes.

The color scheme of this style - the muted natural colors - brown, cream, black, white, gray and shades.

Minimum furnishings strict rectangular shape, carefully matched to each other, a few ornaments with a Japanese flavor, small tree "bonsai" in a ceramic pot, simple curtains made of cotton, soft lighting - and the style of the bedroom can be determined accurately.

French country or provence

French country or provence

Comfort, simplicity, even some naiveté bedrooms in the style of Provence bears not only the rustic flavor of France, and print time.

walls and ceilings are plastered deliberately rough, white or very light color.Wooden furniture is chosen, often painted in an unusual for us colors - yellow, white, terracotta, turquoise.Wood is successfully combined with wrought iron elements and details - back and foot of the bed, lamps, chandeliers.

Textiles - simple coarse linen or cotton embroidered with a floral pattern.

Oriental style

Oriental style

eastern interior style like no other, an abundance of different fabrics and diversity.This is one of the most brilliant, saturated and exotic styles.His popularity at us it must contrast with other styles more familiar to us.

Oriental style is divided into two areas - Asian and Arabic.Fundamentals of the Asian style are Japanese and Chinese, based on the teachings of Feng Shui.Arabic style embodies the beauty in the details, there are no straight lines, monotonous, repetitive elements, smooth surface.

bedrooms in the Oriental style to a bliss, idleness and slow passage of time.Minimum of furniture and an abundance of fabrics - silk, moire, brocade, carpets and rugs with a distinctive Arabic pattern covering the stone floor - this is the most characteristic features of Arab style.

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