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How to get rid of cockroaches

How to get rid of cockroaches

Is it possible to come up with the neighbors worse than cockroaches?Most likely no.But as it turned out it was cockroaches are human symbionts, that is a creature living with people and bring them some benefit.

Surprised?But the benefits do exist: the cockroaches eat our leftovers, thereby purifying our same living space.Yet, despite this, there will be no people who would be grateful to the insect.Everyone wants to know how to get rid of cockroaches, and get rid of forever.In addition to the use of insect and bring harm to - carry dangerous diseases, for example.

harmful pesticides

Destruction of cockroaches chemicals

Destruction of cockroaches chemicals

There are quite a large number of ways to deal with uninvited guests: chemicals, malathion traditional and newfangled traps.But only for the majority of these methods and it has many shortcomings.

Most often you get rid of cockroaches only for a certain time.Do not think that by applying poison, you completely destroy the uninvited guests - it is not.They a

re simply reduced in size, but not anymore.Moreover, these chemicals often leads to the fact that your apartment is deposited odor.And about their harm to human and animal health and say no.

Many people are trying to solve the problem with cockroaches, fighting with them, completely forgetting about the incredible dangers of poisons.Pesticides are very harmful for our immunity and others.In addition, if your house has a small child, nothing prevents him taste the drug and get severe poisoning.My favorite cat must pass across the floor on which pesticides are applied, and then begin to lick their paws, because this animal is very small weight, poisons can cause serious harm to her health, until death.

So, as you know, the use of chemicals - not the best solution in the fight against insects.Learn how to get rid of cockroaches, do no harm and neither the health nor the health of family members and pets.

control options №1

Eliminate cockroaches with boric acid

Eliminate cockroaches with boric acid

There are plenty of people who are very much afraid of the big cockroaches, but few people think about how to destroy them.Actually it's pretty simple to do.It is necessary to sprinkle all the places where water flows (ie, bathroom, toilet and a sink in the kitchen), and all the plinth, a bucket for waste and ventilation holes of boric acid powder.

sypte And from the heart, because it is absolutely not harmful for either humans or animals.Some people even boric acid solution rinse mouth for medicinal purposes.Buy the powder can be in any drugstore, and it costs a penny.

In order to have enough for the rest of the apartment, you need to buy at least 30 grams of powder.You should consider that when cockroaches feel acid, they will try to find water.And if somewhere you forget to pour the powder, it is easily able to do.Here and useful second option control cockroaches.

control options №2

The fight against cockroaches

control cockroaches

Here we will rely on the fact that cockroaches are incredibly curious animals.If you do not believe me, you can check it yourself.Just put in the center of the kitchen bright candy wrapper on the candy, for example, and notice that insects quickly come running to him.

Take a raw egg yolk eggs and pour into it about 30-40 grams of boric acid powder.Mix everything until the dough.From it you will need to slap balls with a diameter somewhere one centimeter.Now, you give them to dry and scatter throughout the area of ​​the apartment, on the most prominent places.

certainly pay great attention to the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.Remember that the places in which you throw these balls should not be viewed with a good position with a man, but from the perspective of a cockroach.That is, it can be cabinets, shelves and kitchen set.All that is situated above your eyes - are places that are easily visible cockroaches.

If you are on a window sill indoor plants, you can scatter the balls and there.When night falls (ie at a time of day the insects are most active), cockroaches will not be able to feel disguised boric acid, but they should always show maximum interest in the balls.At a time when an insect touches them even tendril, you can assume that he was doomed to destruction.

Curiosity cockroaches

Curiosity cockroaches

Moreover, cockroaches are not so smart to somehow pass the rest of the relatives of the incredible dangers of beautiful ball so that your bait will always come runninginsects.If an infected cockroach touches healthy, the sick, too.

first it will seem that solve the problem of cockroaches you could not.After all the insects will also continue to run around the house, to examine the balls, seemingly without feeling much inconvenience.We need to stock up on shares of patience - just two or three weeks you will notice that every day sweep out more and more dead cockroaches, and soon and they did not stay.

If after six months you will again notice the nasty insects then those females that died during the first of your destruction, had to lay their eggs, and the light came a new generation of cockroaches.It can be smoothed by the same method.

If after the insect has passed too many years, and they reappeared, still just update balls.They are located in a fairly inaccessible places, which means that you will not interfere.It also happens that cockroaches "come" from neighbors who had just ease their chemicals.In such a situation, if all the balls will also lie in their places, the insects in your home does not linger.

additional effect gives the boric acid treatment of ventilation holes.To be exactly sure the cockroaches in your home not combine both methods of destruction.

These guidelines will help you kill cockroaches, even if the house is infested with them.Moreover, you do not bring absolutely no harm to your loved children and pets.These methods work reliably even in apartments where the insects are an integral part of everyday life, that is, old houses, dormitories and communal apartments.