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The interiors of the bedrooms in the Japanese style

The interiors of the bedrooms in the Japanese style

interest in the Japanese style is constantly growing, and it is not surprising, because Japan - complex, unusual and mysterious country of rich history and cultural heritage.Japanese housing can be compared to a living mechanism, so all of them appropriate, and each item has its own purpose."The void is all-powerful" - they say in Japan, thus explaining the large room space and practicality of a small furniture.The interior of the room in Japanese style - it is a kind of philosophy, closeness to nature and self-knowledge.That is why the Japanese have avoided excesses in the design of their homes, pretentiousness situation and the use of artificial materials, and design of buildings based on ideas minimalist, with the help of special touches and accents avoiding their excesses - excessive simplicity and austerity.

One of the concepts of Japanese philosophy is a closeness to nature.This is especially important for the bedroom, where a person spends a lot of time resting, relaxing.To finish the

bedrooms used only natural building materials, it heralded wooden furniture, is made with natural textiles.



great importance is attached to a Japanese-style lighting, it should not be bright and hit in the eye.The soft glow reminiscent of a moon, the play of light and shadows, midtones are relaxing, allow to plunge into relaxation, relieve stress and nervousness.Lampshades to chandeliers and lamps made of parchment, wood, silk, glass and porcelain allowed.


color range

most relevant in the Japanese interior neutral colors: black, white, gray, brown, cream, beige and shades.In order to revive this little palette you can use other colors, pastel necessarily, but the bright, flashy colors and exciting Japanese bedroom is not suitable.

floor bedrooms

Floor bedrooms

floor bedrooms

in Japan taken in front of the house to remove their shoes, thus supporting respect for home.Therefore, as in the whole house, the interiors of the bedrooms in the Japanese stilenachinayutsya floor.Sex should be enjoyable for bare legs, smooth and warm.Best of all these requirements are met, natural wood floors, which is covered with special mats "mat" made of reeds and wood.For hygienic reasons, they are usually changed approximately every two years.



Since Japan is very hot in the summer, the people of this country are often used sliding walls "shoji" made of special paper, parchment and wood type.In our climate, "shoji" screens can be used to create isolated areas bedrooms and sheathe the walls with wooden panels, which will simulate the load-bearing structures, or wallpapered with an ethnic design.It should be remembered that the walls should be light, natural colors.



traditional Japanese bedroom furniture is generally absent, but the present has left its imprint on the decoration of Japanese homes.Simple, low, rectangular shape, certainly from natural materials, the few furniture in the bedroom resembles a Japanese toy.

Sleep on Japanese folding mattresses, called "futon", which during the day are cleaned in closet.This futon can successfully replace the low wide bed, more familiar to us.

simple or built-in wardrobe and a pair of bedside tables complement the environment.

in the wall where the headboard of the bed, using the drywall can make one or more niches and if you want to equip them with illumination.

textiles, accessories and decoration

Making the bedroom in the Japanese style

decorated bedroom in the Japanese style

design any bedroom, including Japanese, looks incomplete without curtains.Perfect fit in the Japanese interior light curtains made of natural cotton or silk in the form of plain strips of fabric, without the lush folds, fringe and other "luxury frills."

All things in Japanese bedroom concise and expressive, so accessories should be unique and carefully chosen.In the niche or shelf can be positioned several traditional figurines and statues, and the walls decorate calligraphic scrolls, engravings, paintings in the style of Japanese masters of the art, or painted in a Sakura.

As regards potted plants and flowers, the Japanese bedroom can decorate a bonsai - bonsai tree planted in the low pot.The ability to grow bonsai - the national pride of the Japanese.In a vase you can put a bouquet matched to a particular style - ikebana.The Japanese make of it as a living and of dried flowers.

White porcelain aromatic lamps with candles burning in them, graceful plates in the form of flower petals and other ornaments give the bedroom a Japanese flavor at the same time to fill, but do not overload the space.

Japanese proverb says that life brings harmony in the contemplation of running water, so the mini-waterfall of natural stone in the bedroom will be very helpful.

For many of us it is unclear - what could be more romantic than this Japanese bedroom?Modest smallest furniture in an almost empty room ... But one day, after seeing what it looks like, to ourselves why something you want to plunge into the atmosphere of peace and contentment, peace of mind and sense gratification.

Bedroom in the Japanese style photo:

Japanese interior

Japanese interior

Japanese style in interior

Japanese style in interior

Beautiful bedroom in the Japanese style

beautiful bedroom in the Japanese style

The spacious bedroom in the Japanese style

spacious bedroom in the Japanese style

Bedroom in the Japanese style

Japanese-style room

Original Japanese bedroom

original Japanese bedroom