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How to care for decorative rabbits

How to care for decorative rabbits

Decorative bunnies - ideal for any family pets.This animal docile nature, it does not need any complex care, in addition, he gets along great with children.

Special breeding of ornamental rabbits began only in the 80s of the 20th century.And it should be noted breeders very much succeeded in this business.The proof is the fact that now there are already about 60 breeds of rabbits.They can be long-haired, shorthair, dwarf, lop-eared, ermine, blue and others.But in spite of many differences, they are all united by affection for his master, and simplicity of maintenance.Perhaps it is because of this, these pussies won lately so much popularity.Where

contain rabbit

Where to contain the rabbit

Even before bring the animal home, it is necessary to choose a comfortable cell.With regards to its appearance can fully rely on your taste and what looks like the interior of your home.The most optimal cell size is 100 * 80 * 70 cm.And certainly in the cage should have a removable tray (so it will be easier to clean up af

ter a rabbit) and a sleeping house (this is to point to the required animal could retire).

mandatory element cells - removable feeders and waterers, it is best if it is done in a tilted bottle.The bottom of the cell can be laid out with sawdust, but not necessarily conifers, or cat carrier.

Also cells would be nice to buy a litter box.It is very useful to you when you let the rabbit run around the apartment.In addition, the animal should be fun, and so should buy and a pair of balls.


Eating rabbit

Power rabbit

Want your pet has always been active and healthy?Then buy him a special grain mixture.In addition, the diet of the rabbit must be apples which should be cut into quarters and remove all seeds, dried fruits, carrots, nuts, Jerusalem artichoke and dried bread.

the winter is to give small animal hay and fresh herbs in the summer any kind of plantain, dandelion and clover.And so these animals favorite cabbage, potatoes and beets need to give very infrequent and very small amounts.After all, if an animal eats a lot of these products he may appear bloating.

In no case do not experiment with products such as exotic citrus fruit, cheese and sweets.After eating this, the rabbit can easily poisoned.

How to care

How to care for a rabbit

How to care for a rabbit

animal itself can take care of clean wool, so it does not need washing.It's bad enough that every day you'll be combing his comb with soft teeth.Veterinarians say that if rabbit washed too frequently, it may peel off the skin.And the result of it - scaly skin and dull coat.But from time to time the animal is still worth to wash, especially after you even walk him on the street.It is very important during bath procedures using only the shampoo that is designed for this and, of course, wash it thoroughly.

To avoid injury and rabbit feel good, every 3 weeks he needs to trim claws.Only the first let it do exactly veterinarian.Did you watch the process carefully, so you do not accidentally touch the house the nerve endings in the claws of the rabbit.

training of animals

Training rabbit

Training rabbit

some reason, many believe that rabbits are pretty stupid by nature.But this is not so, they are very smart animals who love to chat.If you are willing to put in a little effort, you can make it so that your pet will go into a special tray, you resort to when you call his name, know the command "FU" and walk on a leash.When

bring the rabbit into the house a few days can just give him sniff your hand, feed him snacks, iron on the back and ears.Then you can take him in his arms, holding the hind legs and belly.Thus it is better to repeat as often as possible his nickname.Rabbit began to respond to his own name?Great!Then let him run around the room.But first, a little better isolate the site and to put toys.Experts recommend to the same place and the tray and immediately put to the animal.Usually, it is missing a few repetitions, and the rabbit to accustom himself to go to the tray.

great if an animal?

Health Rabbit

Health Rabbit

When you buy a rabbit, be sure to pay attention to the fact how he feels.Healthy rabbits in a cage in full gallop, play and have a keen interest in everything that is happening around.Of course, the animal with normal health should eat well.Sometimes all tired, so the rabbit will still sit on the ground or lie on your side.

But if you notice that the rabbit is constantly sitting in the corner, not reacting to external stimuli, think.Perhaps he is unwell.Be sure to check the condition of the eyes and hair of the baby.A healthy rabbit is shiny smooth hair and eyes without any emissions.

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