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How to care for budgies

How to care for budgies

budgies belong to the genus psephotus.It's incredibly beautiful bird that carries pretty good life in captivity and not very demanding on the conditions under which it will contain.Budgie thanks to its beautiful appearance and an incredible attachment to the person can become a favorite of even those who are completely indifferent to the birds.

This type of parrot very elegantly complex.He has a slender body and a soft plumage, which is original and brightly colored.But the feathers of the neck, head, back and wings have wavy strokes.It is because of these parrots, and got its name.On the cheeks and throat have blue spots.Wild parrots have legs blue and green-yellow color.Pet birds also may have completely different color options feathers and pink legs.

Sex parrot determined at the end of the first month of their lives.In the females cere pale blue males is - pale pink.Over time, the color of it varies.The adult male has a bright siniyu cere, and females - all shades of brown.In addition, f

emales cere rough, smooth and males.

Care budgies

Care budgies

not just budgies have won the love of people around the world.They have a very perky, clear, but relatively quiet voice.In addition, they are unable to issue sharp grinding sound, which are peculiar to the larger species of birds.Therefore, to keep them in the apartment a pleasure.

To keep a parrot quite enough for a small-sized cells.But this is only the case if the birds will be able to depart from time to time to "walk" around the room.If you want to breed these birds and to keep the whole flock, no other option except the cage structures have not.After a little space for living and a fixed lifestyle leads to the fact that the bird is getting fatter.And this is a very negative effect on its overall health.

It is best to put the cage in a room with enough light, but certainly not in the sun.Parrots enjoy sunbathing, but they should always be able to hide in the shadows.The most inappropriate place to host cells with a parrot is a bathroom, kitchen, and those rooms, where there is a computer.

every day are mandatory and must be cleaned once a week and even wash.In order to carry out these procedures, it was easier to purchase a cage that has a pull-out tray.Some prefer to sleep on the bottom of the prepared sand.

Construction cages budgie

Construction cages budgie

In the cage must be at least 2 perches, feeding, watering and bathing place.In addition, the parrots really like to swing and just sit on the rings.As it turned out, the first time it is better not to hang in the "apartment" of the young parrot bells, toys, mirrors and more.After the bird has to be sure to get used to their new owners.

If you keep parrots in the flock know that they can quite bother you with their piercing cries and sharp.These birds are very peaceful, quiet get along in a pair or group as their own kind, and very different kinds of birds.Surprisingly, these birds can survive up to 20 degrees, which is very rare for parrots.When

room maintenance budgies can live a very long time - up to 20 years.You will notice that each bird has its own character, and more and more new features you'll uncover every day.The bird can identify its master even the steps and will be happy to fly out to meet him.In addition, parrots wonderful memorize the meanings of some gestures and intonations, and react to the presence of strangers.

How to feed parrots

How to feed a parrot

main budgie food is a grain mixture that is 60% of millet, 20% - of oatmeal or oat, 10% - of weed seeds and 10% - of sunflower seeds.It is very important in the diet of birds include:

  • porridge.But only those that were prepared without butter and water.It is possible that they have been added to a sugar or salt;
  • fresh green spinach and lettuce;
  • sprouted grains.You can cook this "dish" on their own.It is done this way: soaked in warm water for about millet 2 days.Necessarily it is necessary to wash out, the only way you will avoid its damage.After that soaked millet wrapped in a paper towel and put in a warm place.After two more days of shoots should be dried and give the parrot;
  • fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • winter to prevent the occurrence of vitamin deficiency, should be given all kinds of bird vitamin preparations;
  • necessarily always in a cage of birds must be clean waters.

large number of parrots may be interested in such an unsuitable food they like alcohol, fast food, or smoked.In no case does not need to give them that, even as a delicacy.After all, these products often cause inflammation of the digestive system.

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