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What is a netbook

What is a netbook

Modern technologies allow to communicate on the Internet in any location, where, of course, there is a network.About half a century ago created the first multi-ton giant giant - the first computer.Then, the technology began to develop rapidly, and now we can carry notebooks to always be online.What is a netbook?How is it different from a laptop?How to use it?

Netbook is literally translated as "network book".Of course, reading e-books with the help of this device is easy and simple, but the function of the netbook is much more extensive.

How does

How does a netbook

How does a netbook
  • Netbooks powered by batteries, which has increased activity time.When the power is not enough, enough to charge the battery from the mains.
  • In order to get online, it is enough to find an access point Wi-Fi and connect to it.Ate network is not found, you can access the Internet by connecting via Bluetooth to a mobile phone.Some netbooks are equipped with a slot for a SIM card.

Big cities have a sufficient nu

mber of both paid and free of charge access point Wi-Fi, so you can always be online.Pay network provide for a scratch card, which can be purchased at retail outlets or just fill up the balance through an ATM or terminal.

advantages of Wi-Fi is a low cost and decent data rate.Also, use the Internet via Wi-Fi is much easier and more convenient.

What netbook

What can a netbook

netbook has the same functions with the laptop, except for a few, such as the netbook is not the drive.With this device you can watch movies, "hang" on the network, communicating with friends, listen to your favorite tracks, carry out video calls, play your favorite games to work with text documents and spreadsheets, and more.

How to choose a netbook

How to choose a netbook

Modern manufacturers mass produce lightweight and compact netbook.To make a selection should be guided by a few moments.

  1. screen size.the bigger, the better.You do not have to squint, looking at the next message from a friend.Netbook screens have a range of 7 to 18.4 inches.Once in the store you need to produce a "fitting" of the device.In this case it is possible to adequately assess their capabilities and comfort of work on a netbook.
  2. cost.The undoubted advantage to laptops and desktop computers is a lower price devices.Of course, netbooks premium and elite classes are fabulous money, but do not pay for the tinsel and a nice wrapper.We need to look inside the device.
  3. What is a netbook What netbook beating heart?The processor - a heart netbook.It is worth paying attention to the frequency of the processor, cache memory and the number of cores.There is a false belief that a quad dual-core processor works best.In fact this is not true.Kernels bad unload device, but rather the contrary, interfere with its proper operation.So it's best to buy a netbook with dual-core processor (and cost him below).
  4. RAM is an important part of every computer.It transmits the information to the processor.The more its amount, the better.
  5. Hard Drive is responsible for the speed and noise insulation.The greater the volume, the better, faster notebook will work.
  6. depends on the quality of the video card all you can see on your computer.There are two types: integrated and built.
  7. Design netbooks represented the most diverse manufacturers.Bright colors or patterns, pictures on the covers - each customer can choose according to your taste.

Despite its small size and ease netbook is not a toy, so you need to treat it with respect and caution.