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How to tune your guitar

How to tune your guitar

At some point, every newcomer is faced with the fact that he does not know how to tune a guitar.The most common reason for this under-developed ear for music and a lack of knowledge about how to carry out all the setup procedure.The more you learn the guitar, the better it will become your hearing.The article tells about how to configure the tool, if you do it the first time.

tincture guitar tuner using

How to tune a guitar tuner

How to tune a guitar tuner

It is the simplest method.There does not need any auditory skills, enough tuner at hand.You do not know what a tuner?This is a special device to adjust the guitar.

Select any device and can now configure the tool.To do this, there tuner built-in microphone.The essence of this method is that when you remove the sound of every string, the tuner displays the note corresponding to the frequency of vibration of the string.So you set up all six of them.The device will show you the note, and that is to do with your string (raise or lower).We need to turn

the splitting up of the moment until the indicator is located directly in the center of customizable notes.

Classic setting

Set up with the fork

Set up with the fork

you do not have a tuner?Then use the classic way to configure the instrument.It is named for the simple reason that this method is used most often.But it is worth noting that a similar process for the beginner can seem quite complex.

The main purpose - to set up a string №1 E (Mi).Most guitarists use this piano, tuning fork or a program, make sounds of open strings.

There are two types of forks:

  • brass;
  • thymus.

Last is a small-sized plug with a handle.When you hit the end of it, the tuning fork will beep A (La) of the first octave.Your task is to tune the first string, located in the clamped state on the fifth fret, the sound of a tuning fork.

To do this you need to flip the plug on your knee.To enhance the sound, the handle of the fork can be put on the table.Next, remove the sound from the strings №1, sandwiched on the fifth fret.The sound of strings and tuning fork must be identical.

There are many varieties of the fork.Some are a little easier to use but less accurate.

Remember that success is directly proportional to the infusion guitar number of your attempts to do so.When setting up the instrument manually, you will check yourself also on the tuner, in a few weeks you will be able to tune your guitar completely independently.

tincture using piano

How to tune your guitar via the piano

How to tune your guitar via the piano

Of course, this option is only available to those who have this tool at home.It should be noted that good guitar configured using any tool.It is important in this procedure to have good hearing.Piano keys should issue exactly the same sound as the open strings of the guitar.

Octave way to tinctures

Octave way to configure

Octave way to set

This method can be called a very precise, but rather complicated.Here you need to hear the octave sounds.They always sound very evenly, but they have different heights.

How to:

  1. first string is tuned by a tuning fork;
  2. second, pressed on the fifth fret, adjusted for open string №1;
  3. third, which is pressed on the ninth fret, set up in tune with the open string №1;
  4. fourth, pressed on the second fret, set in the octave open string №1;
  5. Fifth, pressed on the seventh fret, set in the octave open string №1;
  6. opening of six should be compared with the open first.It should sound two octaves below.

tincture flageolets

Setting flageolets

Setting flageolets

This method is even more difficult than the previous one.Use it only to professionals.Harmonics - is welcome to play any musical instrument, which is to extract audio-overtone.Flazholetny helps to hear the sound of any discrepancies in unison.The adjustment can be called the most accurate.

best to extract harmonics on the fifth, seventh and twelfth fret.To remove the flageolet, lightly touch the tip of the finger to the string №6 on the fifth fret doorsteps.Please note that it is above the nut, do not fret over.Then, with your right hand you must extract the audio, and then at the same time remove the strings with his left hand.Now you need to remove the flageolet on the seventh fret of the string №5.Both harmonics sounds should be smooth.

  • than harmonic at the seventh fret of the string to be №1 unison with the harmonics of the string at the fifth fret №2;
  • flageolet twelfth fret strings №3 - the string №1, pressed on the third fret;
  • open third string adjusted the string №2, which is pressed on the eighth fret;
  • flageolet seventh fret strings №3 - with flageolet №4 string at the fifth fret.
  • flageolet seventh fret strings №4 - with flageolet №5 string at the fifth fret.

And so it is tuned guitar.As you can see, you can select an option, and simpler and more complicated.

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