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How to choose an e-book

How to choose an e-book

E-book has many advantages compared to a conventional book.The main advantage is that it can replace the entire library, just enough to upload a book in electronic format, and all they with you everywhere: in public transport and in the country, in line at the clinic, a walk with your child - there is always a, things to do.Spent once, you will not throw out money for trash, because if you love to read, then surely a few times a month buy a new book, and they are not as cheap as we would like, and a selection of books in electronic form is much broader.Where better to hold in their hands pretty compact gadget that holds a few dozen or even hundreds of books.In general, electronic book obvious advantages.But how to choose an e-book did not disappoint while not overpaying and not saved to the desired function.Before going to the store is necessary to determine the conditions in which the book will be used, what additional features are needed.



Currently available in e-book with

three types of screens: E-Ink, color LCD and monochrome LCD.If you are familiar to all LCD screens, the E-Ink technology is in need of some description.

These screens:

  • harmless to the eyes, because they do not flicker;
  • have an increased viewing angle compared to LCDs;
  • much more economical in power consumption.

Perhaps the only flaw in their long-term response - 50 ms.

good e-book should have adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen, as well as setting the color of the page, asnot everyone likes to read text on a pure white background.Do not interfere, and the anti-reflective coating, which minimizes eye strain.

Important characteristics of the screen - the diagonal and resolution.It is a mistake to believe that a large screen gives great advantages.Diagonal size should be evaluated in conjunction with the screen resolution.This ratio should be optimal.Sometimes come across models in which the screen is great, but the resolution is low, resulting in a one-page displayed just a few lines, and change the setting is not possible.The optimal size of the diagonal v5.6 dyuymai resolution - 320 * 460 pixels.In addition, you must consider the nature of the material being previewed.For example, to view files in PDF format with illustrations, will require higher resolution and larger screen size.


controversial issue - the presence of the backlight.It is really necessary if plans include reading at night or in the dark.Of course, it is very comfortable without disturbing the sleeping beside spouse, enjoy reading.However, if it is known beforehand that the reading will be done in good light, this feature is not needed.The backlight will drain the battery, and in models with an LCD screen for reading in the sun, it is actually useless.If necessary, you can buy a special lamp for reading, it is attached to the device using a special clip.


touch screen

Now in vogue touch screens, so when faced with the choice of e-books, most people prefer the "sensor".But is it necessary?It appears in the e-book, he often does not need.Yes, in this arrangement, a minimum of buttons, touchscreen expands the working with text, adding the possibility of allocating the desired information.However, the function of saving the result of editing electronic books are not available.In addition, the image on the touch screen is suffering from a lack of brightness and clarity.So you need a touch screen, in most cases?More likely no than yes.

weight and size

Weight and size

planning to read the book at home, you can not take into account this parameter, but often electronic book is purchased just to pass the time on the road.Weight books varies ot150 grammovdo kilograms.The parameter depends on the thickness of the book, and the size of the screen.Check whether there is enough for the size of the book you to constantly carry it with you, for example, your favorite handbag.

interface and reading formats



eBooks are designed primarily for the English-speaking consumer, so the Russian interface and high-quality playback of Cyrillic characters is not as common.Errors in reading fonts and bad translation interface defective models.

On the possibilities of books to read files of different formats, it is necessary to inquire before buying.Sometimes there are models on the market that can accept only specially created for them format.You can certainly get a program for converting files, but it is better to immediately take care of the "omnivorous" book.In recent years, e-books have become quite good to deal with plain text * .txt, some are even able to perceive the files in * .html, but without pictures and photos.

In general, the range of e-books on the market, allows you to select a device to suit every taste.But what kind of book will fully meet your requirements - you decide.

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