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How to choose a clipper dogs

How to choose a clipper dogs

Some breeds of dogs need regular grooming to maintain the health of their hair and skin.The owners have access to this purpose special grooming salons, and may hold cut yourself.In the second case, you can not do without such an important subject as the clipper dogs.And it is not worth saving, using ordinary scissors, because during the wool in order to bring under the tail, on the neck, near the ears, in the very ears and on the face can damage the delicate skin, bringing a dog mass of pain.But

plus machines not only in the accuracy of the work.Often pets, especially in the summer, there are mats.The skin beneath them begins to rot, flaking and itching.Mats not to comb and wash, so they are a source of pathogens that are getting into the wound during an active carding, enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body.

To avoid this, you need to regularly use the clippers, which quickly and painlessly removes all tangles through special nozzles.But how to choose clipper dogs?

Where to buy

where to buy

But special attention should be paid to the choice of cars is.Buy this product may be in the zoo, and online stores.Conventional clipper will not work, because it has a completely different mode, form, and is not designed for thick and long dog hair.

Do not buy on the "untwisted" firm.By advertising vendors to increase their cost, but the quality remains at the same level as the others.Excellent quality machines have a Japanese and a German production.

on what to look out

what to pay attention to

Before you make a purchase, read the instructions carefully and seek advice from a consultant.Did the nozzle provided in the kit is not suitable for your breed.Also, be sure to check on the performance of the device, and haircuts convenience.Simply turn it on, and hold in your hand.There should be no discomfort.

The average value of the machine should be between $ 40-50.Cheaper taking no sense, since it will quickly become useless.Nor should we acquire and machines / used - not known how much they have already served and will have to repair it at its own expense.

Accessories clippers dogs

Accessories clippers dogs

Then talk about accessories.Price clippers dogs depends not only on the quality of the materials used and on the manufacturer, but also the complete product.In each instance includes a set of nozzles for haircuts of different sizes (for creating different types of haircuts).

For example, the set of machines Mozer from firm minimum size of the nozzle is 5 mm maximum - 25 mm.Also, some equipment includes a pair of interchangeable blades, too, of different sizes.Bits dress over the blades.Remember that you should not skimp on quality steel from which they are made, as the frequent sharpening they quickly come into disrepair.Knives are also extreme frame dimension: minimum - 0.1 mm, maximum - 9 mm.

Before using the tips you need to consult with a specialist.For example, for oily hair to remove tangles and best use of the blade, as plastic can hurt the already delicate skin.A set of nozzles and blades can also be bought separately.They cost 5-15 dollars depending on the quality.

last thing you want to buy - is the lubricant.After a certain time of use to lubricate moving parts of the machine for proper operation.

battery or batteries

The next question that must be solved: the batteries or battery.There is already decided by the master.But it is worth remembering that the battery may run out at the wrong time.The battery is also discharged, but it is easier to put it to recharge than to find new batteries.

Take care of their pets, love them, and they will repay you in the same!