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How to care for aquarium fish

How to care for aquarium fish

said that can be endlessly watch the fire.No less fascinating spectacle - moving fish in water, you can watch them for hours, and it's not boring.In addition, it is well known that watching the slow movement of fish in an aquarium, a man descends peace and tranquility, to put it simply - an aquarium in the house, it's just wonderful.

Settling tank

Settling tank

Before you start a home aquarium fish, you need to think about exactly what species of fish live in the aquarium, as they will be, what types are not considered predators, and which can live together.The fact that the population of fish in their new home, perhaps the most difficult event in caring for them.By itself, the care of aquarium fish is not complicated.It is necessary to take into account all manner of conduct and behavioral responses associated with each species as a whole, and each individual separately.For example, fish are accustomed to live only in the flock of their own kind, quickly hireyut and die, living in the aquarium alone


quickly killed the fish, different species that require different habitats and the water temperature.Aquarium looks well-kept and beautiful, if it prevails in the same ecological environment, then there is a fish and plants, and the very interior of the aquarium designed in one style.If you already live in the aquarium some tenants and the owner decided to add new fish, they can not just put the old tenants.There are several caveats.First of all, the fish can not get along with each other, even though the owner has studied all the literature and bought fish of Vila, who already has or that can exist together.In any case, it should be mentioned that co-exist with the fish should have a similar color and eat the same food.Before putting new fish in the aquarium, they should be held in a separate container for two to three months, it is caused by the need to reveal the hidden disease, remove the microorganisms that they bring with them from the store aquarium, and that can not get along with the newmedium.Most of all this applies to tropical fish whose habitat is quite different.

In the aquarium it is imperative to establish a special aerator.The air should be served at least eight hours each day.And, if you translate the aeration system to work around the clock or at least a twelve-hour operation, in any aquarium can populate a significantly larger number of inhabitants.More than is provided corresponding volume, according to the norms.

water in the aquarium

The water in the tank

Besides details about the main inhabitants of the aquarium owner should know everything about the habitat of the fish.A lot of these nuances - the composition of the water (its hardness and acidity), aeration and filtration of the aquarium, the quality and variety of food, how to cover the aquarium, how often you need to change the water and it should be the temperature.

main course, for proper and comfortable living fish in the aquarium, the most important thing is water and its composition.Even during the day to defend the water is not always fit certain types of fish, as during this time does not have time to go out harmful components, especially chlorine, and to defend the water must be not less than 3 days.You can do easier, and not to wait so many days - just heat water to 17 degrees, then cool.Thus, water is released from the excess of oxygen, which is very harmful to fish.

change the water in the tank is necessary once in 7-8 days, renewing each time the aquarium is not only one-third.The fact that some species of fish water change - a change of the environment that can cause stress in fish, for these types of water are changing only one-fifth of the total volume of water in the aquarium.

Daily aquarium care

Control of aquarium equipment

control equipment for the aquarium

Aquarium fish require particular care routine, it takes not much time, but it should be carried out every day.And it is good to understand what the aquarium fish, care for them, and in this case everything will be okay.

First of all, care comes to supporting all the permanent parameters of the medium, to which are used to fish.Every day it is necessary to check the temperature of the water, do not forget to include the time the heater if the temperature drops below normal, and, conversely, turn off, if the water is too hot.For daily procedures include checking the condition and filter cleaned, if it is clogged.Checking compressor also included in the daily treatments.If the room is dark, then you need to turn on the backlight.

maintain a constant level in a tank of water needed every day, too, in the event of reduction - adding to defend the (pre-cooked) water.Be sure to remember that in the aquarium, you should not put any foreign objects in the first place, it can scare the fish, and, secondly, they can be bacteria harmful to fish.In addition, the aquarium fish can not tolerate cigarette smoke, so the room where the aquarium is better not to smoke.

Feeding fish

Feeding the fish

need to feed the fish once or twice a day, if they are adults, and the fry are fed at least four times a day.The amount of food that is given one time varies depending on the species of fish.most of the amount determined empirically by simply checking how many fish feed manage to not remain large surpluses - they clog up and the water in the tank and filters.However, care must be taken not to overfeed the fish, it is also detrimental to their health.

Food sold in stores in a dry or frozen.Dry food is made on the basis of dry daphnia or dry mixtures of other crustaceans.Live feed is a pipe makers, bloodworm, duckweed and so on. Frozen food before giving fishes should be thawed.Throwing food in the aquarium need to make sure that it is evenly distributed throughout its volume, or the stronger the fish will select food from the weak and small, it is necessary to feed the fish to reach it and who live at the bottom of the aquarium.

Useful tips

Useful tips

Among the mandatory procedures is a daily check of a condition not only fish, but also water, the environment and plants.The slightest discrepancy between the color of leaves of plants should immediately alert, such algae should be removed and discarded.Also comes with suspicious nodules (their brushes with the walls of special tools).If the fish are observed any signs of diseases - change colors, dark spots, change the swimming fish are immediately deposited into a separate aquarium - "quarantined" to avoid infecting the rest of the inhabitants.To determine what fish are sick, alone fails, you must immediately contact a specialist.

Tidy tank thoroughly, that is, to do the so-called spring cleaning can be twice a month.For all of the fish transplanted into a spare tank, trying to provide them with the most similar conditions, and begin to clean the aquarium.During this, primarily, all the water is drained, clean the bottom wall, scrape them from the accumulated food residues, dust, and waste.Then thoroughly washed several times aquarium, clean the filter and wash.Housekeeping is the case, on the one hand can not disturb the fish often, on the other hand one can not clean the aquarium.

Here, perhaps, and all the rules that should be followed, with home aquarium complex in how to care for aquarium fish, nothing, it takes a little time, and the pleasure and joy brings to life the owners - the mass.