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What breed cats choose

What breed cats choose

Do you dream of a cozy and quiet evenings in the arms of his beloved cat, which minimizes fluffy lump in your lap?But you can not decide what breed of cats to choose?Then read the article, it will help to clarify some points

The first thing to remember is that the decision to take any animal in your house should be well thought out and balanced.If you decide to take a cat, be sure to pay attention to some aspects.

Why do you need a cat?

What cat

What cat

Simply to the house was a pet, can not think much of the breed.Just find yourself a pet, fell in love at first sight.

In this case, look for a cat can be anywhere: the familiar, in shelters, bird markets, and just on the street.

Your goal - the exhibition and breeding?Then you need to pay attention only to the pedigreed cats who have all the necessary documents.

such cats have buying only from professional breeders or in specialized clubs.Be prepared for the fact that for a purebred will need to pay a large sum of money.

Select breed

Choosing a breed-1

Select breed-1

Each breed of cats has some features, but there is a common point - they are quite cheap.And if you have a goal - to pedigree breeding, you should understand that the kitten should be chosen just perfect.So be prepared for the fact that its price will be very high.

Regarding rock it all depends on what your lifestyle, because each of them has its own character.So if you have the opportunity to give your pet a lot of time (especially if you are a housewife or a retiree), pick yourself a breed that loves to active communication with its owner.These cats, for example, are Siamese, Abyssinian, Persian and Burmese.Believe me, these rocks you will not be bored.

cats with long hair, it is best suited to people who spend much of their time at home.Since this species need a huge grooming (unless of course, you want that your pet would always look good).Long-haired cats need to constantly comb, or the appearance of "tangles" can not be avoided.

Choosing a breed-2

Choosing a breed-2

These breeds of cats, is not the best choice for people with allergies.If you're one of them the best look at the gladkosherstym and the Sphinx.

If your family has a baby, you need to select only those breeds of cats, which will normally respond to the constant tiskanya and jerking: Scottish, British or Abyssinian.The same will from the Persian your child constantly flee.And that's not a bad option.

believed that gladkosherstye breed, much more sociable and much easier to go on contact with the person than their long-haired counterparts.

for single people is ideal cat who madly devoted to his master, but which, when it is quite easy to endure long separation from him.These rocks are Russian or British blue shorthair.And one, and the second breed is not particularly affected by the fact that they have to be alone.But it is when they see the host, run to him with all his four paws.

dream of naughty and hilarious cat, which will entertain you long evenings and simply dilute the dull life of its activity?Buy siamese.They are very strong-willed and hate loneliness.

Therefore, this breed is better not to leave the house a long time, because they are really worried and bored.Siamese incredibly active and mobile, so if your house has small children, a cat should not start.In the course of the game with the baby, the cat may accidentally scratch or bite him.

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