Makeup for blondes: Tips stylists

Makeup for blondes

What make-up suits blondes: Tips stylists

natural blonde - is a rarity.Many girls want to be a blonde, what they lighten the hair.Blondes have a bright appearance, but there are types of makeup for blondes with which they can enhance the beauty, brightness, softness, sensuality and sexuality.

Makeup for blondes

for owners of popular blond hair makeup, accented eyes.Blondes not want to use harsh black.But they are ideal shades of gray eyeliner.Blondes may look great with retro arrows.This eyeliner is more appropriate for blondes with dark eyes.

haired girl should use an eyebrow pencil brown or gray.Blue-eyed blonde certainly need to give preference to shades of blue and silver shades.A brown-eyed blonde will look good if he uses eye shadow shades of bronze.To look natural, it is recommended to use a gray day, or brown mascara.


As for the lips, a girl with blond hair is suitable transparent or shimmering lip gloss.When choosing a lipstick should be taken into account skin tone and

color of clothing.Good will look delicate and pastel shades of lipstick - a light pink, pink and yellow and light beige and coral pink - for evening makeup.


Powder for blondes should be light pink or bodily pink (if pale skin), and yellow-pink (if the skin with a yellowish tint).For daytime make-up suggested to use a transparent powder with light reflecting particles.It will emphasize the beauty of the skin and give a "flavor" the whole makeup.A person at the same time will look fresh and natural.

Blush Blush

suitable for blondes pink, gold, peach.They have been applied lightly brush a little below the cheekbones.

makeup for fair-haired beauties, there is one immutable rule - do not use too much makeup.Excess cosmetics on the face can visually enlarge age.

Bronzers and Shimmer

Blondes can apply makeup bronzer and Shimmer.Shimmer - it is cosmetics, used to give the skin radiance and shine.This means with light reflecting particles, creating the effect of flicker.They are applied to the cheekbones, the center of the forehead and chin.To create the effect of plump lips, you can use the application of Shimmer above and below the lip.

Bronzers create a tan effect and give a flicker.Sold both light and dark colors.If you mix bronzer with moisturizing cream in a ratio of 1 to 4, you can create the effect of barely perceptible sunburn and light flicker.

What do make to you.The main thing that it is perfectly at ease and looked and fit the overall style wardrobe.