Shape eyebrows - what to choose?

ideal eyebrow shape

Do chase mode to choose the form of eyebrows: Tips stylists

Why do some women's faces seem to us attractive and harmonious, while others, though also comply with generally accepted standards of beauty, but to admire them completelyI do not want?Stylists say that this is often to blame ... eyebrows: they are thus finishing touch and accent, which gives the appearance of women a special charm.

What shape eyebrows choose?

capricious fashion dictates us every season, new rules by introducing into the sable eyebrows vrazlet, the thin, raised in surprise.Maybe it is hardly ever at the forefront of fashion trends, regularly changing the shape of the eyebrows, because they may be affected by such an aggressive intervention.In addition, make the eyebrows, "like Madonna's" stupid, every person is unique and it is not necessary to redo his eyebrows dramatically blindly urging them under some kind of standard.But it is possible with the help of minor changes to emphasize the uniqueness of the individua

l person.

Those who are still quite dissatisfied natural form of his eyebrows, we advise not to engage in independent action, and the truest thing you can do in this case - have recourse to a specialist who will discourage you from extremes, gently correcting what is given to you by nature.

means for the growth of eyebrows

But if you did the same all-unsuccessful attempt to correct the eyebrows, you have to make some efforts to restore the lost quickly.To help in this can be a means for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, which will restore the density of the eyebrows.To enhance the growth of eyebrows stylists advise constantly combing their special brush, first against, then in the direction of hair growth.

Funds for the gentle correction of eyebrows

For the future, before undertaking the tweezers, try a gentle way of correction of eyebrows, for example, using gel to shape the eyebrows, which will help to make expressive, but at the same time, natural line.

owner of bushy eyebrows, of which knocked unruly hairs rescue transparent gel, and the ladies who brows are too rare, useful black or brown - depending on the natural appearance.

Daily care of eyebrows

Remember also that eyebrows needed daily care - cleansing.As the skin during the day on the eyebrows settles dirt and dust, which is so rich in our city air.So what should be paid attention to them during the evening washing.Be sure to take a moment to pamper them a light massage, light strokes and tweaks that are made from the nose to the temples, in the direction of hair growth.

By the way, this massage can improve the general condition and, because the eyebrows are acupressure points, which when exposed to eye fatigue disappears, and headache.

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