Beauty Secrets of Vera Brezhnev

Vera Brezhneva

former singer of the group "VIA Gra" Vera Brezhnev released disc, which shares the secrets of her beauty

A former soloist of the group "VIA Gra" Vera Brezhnev and after the birth of another daughter of the figurestill slim, still attracting glances of men.But it looks so attractive was not only due to natural sources - is the result of hard work of the singer.

Beauty Secrets Vera Brezhnev

Over many years of training and training Vera accumulated so many tips for the girls that she released CD-ROM "Beauty Secrets Vera Brezhnev."Faith says that more of all kinds of maintenance figures, she trusts Pilates, but in service and holds several other techniques.

"In this project, I wanted to try myself not only as an author, and performer starring.I wanted to share with all the ladies with their principles of nutrition, to show how I train and care for themselves.Because, as it turned out, many are interested.I dare to hope that my film will be equally useful to girls 12 years and older and will h

elp them a long time to preserve the natural beauty and youth, "- says Vera Brezhnev.

According to the singer, "By nature I am a very sporty person.I want to constantly be in shape.At the moment my body relief, such as I like.But in order to achieve this, it took me a long way to go monotonous regular workouts with a personal trainer.


now I perform the exercises at home as well acquainted with the proper technique.They help me to keep your figure in shape.Excellent effect for my figures give Pilates classes.This system increases flexibility, strengthens muscles and improves the physical condition of the body.Movements in Pilates stretch the muscles, making them slimmer and longer. "

Vera Brezhnev at the "Children's New Wave"

But in Yalta at the "New Wave" fans saw the sexy singer without makeup.At one of the rehearsals Brezhnev came to its original beauty: with flowing hair and no makeup on her face.

Without makeup became visible wrinkles around the eyes, and the wound on his lip.Not made up pop star looked quite nice, but of course not as spectacular as we used to see her.Audiences always want to see the dazzling and vibrant faith, and without makeup, she looked tired and pale, wrote "Express newspaper."

However, even if the star and tired, it did not show in any way the fact is that during all days of the festival Vera was smiling with great pleasure to communicate with young contestants.

Incidentally, the "Children's New Wave" Brezhnev settled in a hotel near the "Artek" under the name of her husband - Kiperman.Recently Faith officially took the surname of her husband, changing passport.

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