Original invoices hair barrette

false hair barrette

original invoices hair barrette - a new method for the rapid increase in hair length

Long hair flowing over her shoulders, curvy wavy curls framing the smiling woman's face - a beautiful picture!Long shiny hair, according to the leading hairdressers and stylists - is extremely seductive, feminine and beautiful.With an average length of hair female fantasy becomes boundless scope for your flight: you can style your hair, royal cheat curls, curl curls doll, keep strict updo or cause to flow over her shoulders.

and more women became interested in the most fashionable hairstyles and haircuts for long hair, a variety of which are now hard to describe in words.Many of the fairer sex are increasingly abandoning short haircuts, giving preference to long luxurious hair.In the course are expensive shampoos, stimulate the growth of curls, the most effective masks for faster hair growth, old folk recipes and more.

Undoubtedly, the single answer to the question: how to quickly grow hair - does not exist

, because each woman individual rate of hair growth, which depends on many factors.

original method - overhead hair barrette

If you do not want to wait for the natural process of hair regrowth, and to find a simple and uncomplicated way of extension strands, the following unusual method - overhead hair barrette.

Using this method, can be transformed in minutes, quickly create the desired romantic image.Today, these clips have gained enormous popularity, and, like the young ladies with short hair, and at the long-haired girls, because, besides the fact that the use of pins creates an illusion of flowing long locks - overhead strands barrette make it possible to visually draw your own long hair even more volume, thick and lush.

How to use overhead strands barrette

These locks can safely paint, without fear of harm own hair, but you can leave a color identical to his own shade.Do not be afraid that the hair will be evident.The fact that such tresses are attached under their own hair, which will hide them.Over time, get the hand, you can mount these clips almost imperceptibly.

look is false hair barrette identical to the present.Currently commercially available clip as artificial hair and with natural.Of course, the second option will cost you much more expensive, but they are much longer, and they look more natural than artificial.

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