Wedding - a holiday for two or a guest?

Wedding - a holiday for two or a guest?

What to consider when preparing for the wedding - their interests or the interests of the guests?

To prepare for the wedding is familiar to many of us, if not from personal experience, the experience of friends, family or just hearsay.Long and expensive fees, the complexity of choice and the need for compromises, dreams and reality, which sets the budget.And the constant tension - you need to do everything, do not forget to come by, order, arrange, and so on ...

Wedding Celebration in any case to some extent regulated, even though legal norms of marriage.But there are national traditions, fashions, have personal desire and pressure from relatives.In general, most weddings are held on a typical scenario - fees, bride, registration in the registry office, wedding trip and the final banquet.A reasonable question arises - what of all this interesting young and that is just for them?Maybe there are some items without which they could well do without?

All the attention - guests!

guest list often becomes the main reference in the organization of the wedding, and all twisted around.Make a list is not as easy as it seems.If you call only those relatives often communicate - offended others, invite a friend to the institute without his girl that nobody knows - one would be offended.Not all will call friends, but only some - others hesitated - and you are friends like before it seemed.It should take into account the personal preferences of guests - it happens that some guests can not stand some of the other invitees.

and young have to wrestle with the global problem - how not to offend anyone, and thus keep within the budget?Often, on these grounds arise disputes and quarrels, the number of visitors increases, and with it grows and budget.In the end, the bride and groom find themselves hostages of their own celebration - first of all have to take into account the interests of the guests, trying to surprise them, hit the scale weddings, entertaining, and at the same time prove that the wedding took place "not worse than that of men."To and diamond rings, and the dress was expensive and posh limo - and not so important that the debts will have to pay for the wedding more than one month, the main thing - that it was like everyone else.

And is there a choice?

Choice is always there, even if the wedding is done exclusively on the money my parents.Just do not use it all.The reasons are many - and an unwillingness to quarrel with their relatives, and fear of censure or departing from tradition and desire someone something to prove.As a result, some leave things as they are, suffer drunken relatives and strangers, and after the wedding, with regret state that it has turned into a farce.Others just invite everyone to a celebration in the registry office, and immediately after painting fly to the Maldives for a vacation.

So maybe it is worth not to rush headlong into the not always pleasant wedding chores, and immediately identify - for whom all afoot, and it is necessary to spend the budget for anyone unwanted demonstration of well-being?For now, it is possible to arrange a holiday surrounded by the most loved and loved ones or even fly together to the warm sea.And those who are really happy for you, and want to congratulate to do so and without magnificent triumph and a chance to ruin a young family.

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