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How to apply blush

How to apply blush

This, like, a familiar part of the make-up, as blush, may just instantly turn even the very ordinary girl into a beauty queen, one has only to learn how to apply blush on the cheekbones.No matter how much time and do not waste their attention on the woman eye makeup and lips, their efforts may be lost only due to the fact that they are properly dealt blush, or they have chosen the wrong color, or too far to the intensity ... In fact, applying blushquite a lot of nuances.

How to apply blush

Properly applied blush

properly apply blush

not know exactly where to apply blush and where do you cheekbones?Define it's pretty simple.Spend a kind of test:

  • wide smile;
  • grope Center roundness of your cheeks and put a finger to it.Now place your thumb at the top of the ear, in the place where it connects to the head.Then draw the thumb to the index: bone, you have to discover and cheekbone;
  • need to apply blush just on the bone.

Tip: be sure to buy a brush for blush.It should be fluffy and not very large in

terms of volume.Beveled brush, do not select.They are needed for laying bronzer and face shape correction.

Blush have an amazing ability to refresh any makeup and give the person is not only healthy, but also a natural glow.

Secrets of the perfect makeup

Makeup Secrets

Makeup Secrets

When you apply blush, you know that is not necessarily limited solely to cheekbones.If you add a little bit on their chin, forehead, and (even!) In the earlobes, it will add a special glow skin, make-up will be much more natural and certainly more harmonious.

Pawn perfect make-up - the right shade of blush to fight.When you choose your note more or less natural shades.But too bright or too dark colors are best left to the more extreme girls.

All the known makeup artists and real artists believe that the shade of blush should be very similar to the one that appears on the girl's face in the wild.Once a little embarrassed yourself, look in the mirror and try to remember what color your cheeks have acquired.Now you only have to find a similar hue in the store.

few secrets to help simulate the shape of the face:

  1. If you want to look sexier, apply a small amount of blush, with shimmering particles, the highest part of your cheekbones.
  2. If you want a little more than highlight cheekbones and make the face more expressive, you can shade a little more blush just under the bone and cheekbones add your normal shade.
  3. sure to periodically clean all your brushes.This will help prevent the build up on these microbes, which are then able to easily move into your skin and cause a variety of unpleasant consequences.To clean the brushes need to use non-soap cleansers or simple wipes.If Romanian
  4. you applied were cream in their structure, they should be wet cloth to remove any excess.Or you can arm powder and it is unnecessary to remove all of it.But if you overdo it with gel or liquid blush, have to completely wash off makeup and apply it again.
  5. Cream Blush can also be applied on the lips.It will be the perfect replacement lipstick and a wonderful addition to the color scheme.
  6. Blush dark pink can be wonderful to freshen the face.Especially if you apply them on the skin, bred behind the ears.But such dark shades is better not to add to the chin, otherwise too much will be a noticeable difference between the fair skin on the neck and a dark face.
  7. application to the lips and eyelids matte blush - ideal for parties.Best in the same situation will look beige, peach and pale pink shades.You can supplement these more blush and matte powder with a slight flicker effect - it highlight any area of ​​the face.
  8. best stability are liquid and gel blush.But only after you and their cause do not forget to wash your hands.
  9. not know, apply blush to round face so as not to go too far?Enter the tip of the middle finger a little product, then put in the center point of the cheekbone and blend it carefully towards the temples.If saturation seem insufficient, you can add a little more product.
  10. If you want to make your face look a little wider visually, begin to apply blush on his cheek from the point, which is directly under the pupil and to the temples.The loan is necessary to involve the cheeks, and apply blush formed hollow, which will have a darker shade.The line must be completed at the temples, but not above the eyebrows.Sami cheekbones better highlight a lighter shade of blush.These can add blush to the forehead, chin and tip of the nose.
  11. most common brush that comes with the blush is absolutely useless.After all, you would need a wider and a round brush (see which ones are make-up artists).It would be good to have in your arsenal are several different cosmetic for diameter brushes.And of course, use separate brushes for powder and blush.Under no circumstances do not mix them.
  12. Blush in crumbly form must be applied with a brush in one direction only.

Myths blush

Myths about rouge

Before directly applying blush, it would be nice to debunk some of the myths that did not properly advise you to apply blush.

Myth 1: To determine which location should be applied blush, you need to measure the width of the nose with two fingers, and from there to apply blush.This approach is not entirely correct.Of course, do not apply blush very close to the nose, but because the width of the fingers at all different ... If you do, it is quite large, blush can "stay" is no longer on the cheeks, but somewhere closer to his temples.

Myth 2: Never need to apply blush lower than is the tip of your nose.If you listen and do exactly as it tells a rule, you can not receive the comforting result.Imagine you have a snub nose charming ... Where to apply blush?They will be higher than the roundness of your cheeks!

Myth 3: Apply blush on the face should be strictly in the form of a triangle, so the face becomes clearer form.Absolutely not true!For blush, we add not to adjust the shape of the face.For this purpose there are other cosmetics.Blush need to revitalize the look and add a little bit of skin a healthy glow.

Myth 4 :.The older a woman is, the more saturated and intense should be the color of her blush, and the more they need to be applied.Brad.How can depend on the color of blush on the woman's age?They must be chosen so as to suit each individual woman and her appearance in mind, and not her age.

Blush can call the finishing touch, make-up without which just will not look complete.Equipment applying blush primarily depend on what shape your face is.Correctly applying blush may be slightly (just slightly), adjust the shape of your face.For more significant changes need to use a bronzer.

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