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As eyelids

As eyelids

It would seem that could be easier than to impose a shadow on the eyes?But sometimes, an attempt to make the same make-up as in a magazine or in a movie, is not something that leads to the unexpected, rather, to disastrous results.All because of the wrong inflicted by shadows, because it can ruin even the most beautiful makeup.The same liner, for example, is very easy to fix, but what to do with the shadows?To alter their makeup will have to completely erase.You do not know, but want to know how to prevent this?Read the article and the question of "how to cast shadows" you do not have to ask.

How to start-up

Base under the shadow

Base under the shadow of

Before you apply makeup on the eyelids, they need to be thoroughly prepared: clean, and apply a suitable cream base (instead you can use the tone cream - if you have skin age is quite dry, and powder if the skin is prone to fat).Of course, you can optionally do without the base, but it is not only the last time that your makeup will remain in pe

rfect condition, but the color of the shadow will appear brighter and more saturated.

As for purification, then, most likely, everything is clear: their eyes, as all the skin, you need to love and to cherish and never let opportunities go to sleep without first washing away makeup.First you need to learn how to remove makeup before going to bed, and do not forget to apply the base in the morning, and then take up the correct application of wisdom shadows.But whether such wisdom?

In fact, the complex make-up of eyes there is nothing.There are several techniques, having mastered that, you can easily repeat any favorite make-up.

shadows should always be applied before add eyeliner and mascara.Apply them at the same time can be a base to cover the lid, or just on the well-cleaned skin.

Council : You do not have a special base, and you're not sure what it is you need so much?There is an exit.In the arsenal of beauty every girl there is always a white pencil (if you do not, immediately acquire - just insanely useful in the beautician thing).Before you apply the shadow, you can cover the entire upper eyelid white pencil.And the paint is completely skin do not need, you can just spend a few lines of age, and then they are good shade.See what a difference this gives simple advice: keep the shadows much longer, even on oily skin, and their shade shown much deeper than usual.

The cast shadows



Apply shade you need that best suits each type:

  • dry shade easiest to apply broad and flat brush.So beloved by all applicators should be avoided.Not only do they shade makeup is not very good, so still and think about how many germs and dirt accumulate on them after months of daily use.Yes, the hand will have to at least once a week to wash, but popolzovavshis them a couple of times, and you have continued your life just a cosmetic without them submit.

    To impose a beautiful shade, you need to have at least 3 brushes: wide, flat, fluffy small size and small in the form of a pencil, which you will strike the lower lid, and add on top small accents.
  • To apply crumbly shadows, just the most notorious suitable applicators, they recruit a sufficient number of shadows and do not give them so much scattered over the whole face, as do the brush.Even better would be the effect if an applicator pre-moisten the thermal water.
  • to apply liquid shade ... that will suit your finger, this kind of shadow to dial it will be quite easy, but under the influence of heat your shade shade they will be just perfect.

two options makeup



Terms makeup tips to start the shadows cast from about the middle of the eye to the outer corner of his.Thus it is necessary to continuously improve the color intensity of shadows.The inner corner of the eye to be lighten shadows lighter shade - so eyes will appear more open and vibrant.

Second makeup

second makeup

There is another way of drawing shadows.If the previous version of the saturation varies depending on the distance from the inner corner of the eye, here it depends on how close to the lashes are the shadows.That is, the closer to the lash line, the darker the shade of shadow to be, but under the brow is better to add the lightest tone.And better to let these shadows will not pearl, it looks a little defiantly.

general should be very dosed in choosing and combining shades.You do not know how to put the shadows to avoid excess glitter and pearl?Do not apply only matte shade, combine them with pearl.That is, if all the mobile eyelid you covered with glitter shadows, under the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye is better to add a matte and vice versa.

Two of these options drawing shadows have one thing in common: in the first and in the second case the shade in the middle of the century should flow smoothly into each other.

Color selection

Color Eye Shadow

color shadows

Remember the color of your shadow, as well as the eyes, will always attract attention.Poet take his choice should be very responsible, otherwise you can spoil the impression of even the most beautiful and well superimposed makeup.

makeup has its own rules, the classics of which can be called the demand to focus on only one part of the face.Never paint the lips bright lipstick, if the eye has caused intense dark shadows.In this case, lipstick and even better shine, should be muted, approximate to the natural color.The same rule works in reverse: they have made themselves a natural make-up - you can safely put on red lips, for example, lipstick.

usually makeup artists advise not to choose the shade of the same or approximate color as your eyes

blue eyes will look great with a reddish, pink or purple hues of shadows.

Green set off perfectly:

  • copper;
  • dark purple;
  • terracotta;
  • reddish.

you want to give your little emerald green eyes shine?Nakraste their silver-gray or dark-blue shadows.

Brown eyes will look best if they make up shades ocher palette.

shadows can change the color of eyes just like the lens.Their great advantage - the opportunity to experiment - even making them indispensable thing that helps girls to become even more beautiful.

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