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How to visually reduce the nose

How to visually reduce the nose

owners of all too noticeable, in their view, nasal want to know how to do it visually less.Fortunately, to date, to perform this task quite easy and quite capable of every girl who is ready to spend a little time to practice.

Did you know that owning a particular make-up techniques and understanding the factors that influence the perception of the size and shape of the nose, you can adjust this part of the face, even without resorting to plastic surgeons?Makeup helps a lot to improve its appearance and self-esteem.

Makeup - the best way

How to reduce a nose makeup

How to reduce a nose makeup

The trick is to beat the size and shape of the nose and bring it to the desired using dark and lightshades of tonal resources and proofreaders.With the right skills, you can reduce the nose, without any special effort.Here are just doing makeup, you must always pay attention not only on the part of the person harassing you, but also for all the others, because in the formation of your way, they are no less, and p

erhaps even more important role than the nose.

In order to adjust the shape and size of the nose, you need to have in your purse at least three shades of tonal resources.To start a base.Under this term we understand the tone of the funds which is as close to your natural complexion.Still you will need: a tool which shade lighter than a semitone and one - half a tone darker than the base.Texture is best to choose a product that is more dense, but not enough to look at the face mask.

Pretty greatly complicate the task of freckles.They are not in any case should not gloss over the darker tone means.The only result of such manipulation - even more pronounced their views.At the same time we can not gloss over them and light tone, the effect simply because it will not bring any.

few secrets

Several of the recommendations to reduce the nose

several recommendations to reduce the nose

If you feel that your nose is too wide, on the back of it, as well as on the bridge add some light shade.But the wings must be covered shade that is darker than your natural skin color.

If the problem is that your nose is too long, on the bridge of the nose is usually added a lighter shade of tone means, and the tip cover darker.Be sure to watch out for, so that tone into one another smoothly as possible.

If your nose just by itself is very large, cover it with the whole foundation, which is a shade darker than your natural.

visually closer, thus increasing the necessary areas of the face by using the light.Create it can be using powder with shimmering particles.You can try to shift the whole focus on the make-up nose cheekbones, for example.To do this, the most protruding parts that suit you apply color blush and a little daub of the tip of the nose.In this situation, you can help only bronze or orange tones, but not cold pink.

order to transitions between tones are as inconspicuous as possible, use a special sponge.With their help, you can achieve the most natural look of your face.For this surplus tone means quite simply removed by a slight movement of the sponge dipped in water.Over the tone means do not forget to put a little powder.

very large impact on the visual perception of your nose have a shape and size of the eyebrows.If you have a noticeable nose, you just are contraindicated thick eyebrows.After all, they focus on the part of the person that wants to hide as much as possible.

At the same time does not suit you, and too thin eyebrows - "thread".It is best to make them semicircular or with a slight curve, and, of course, the average thickness.

Perfect face - what is it?

Perfect face

Perfect face

Harmonious considered the entity in which each part is commensurate with others.For example, if you have too big nose with makeup can enlarge the remaining part of the face.Then on their background it will not seem so big.Just make visually larger eyes, draw the contour of the lips, barely leaving abroad, extend the eyebrows, and then not have to worry so much because of the size of the nose.

Generally, there are standards of beauty, according to which a large nose at all can not be called a fault.For example, not so long ago it was very fashionable Roman and Greek form of the nose.And if you think about it you will realize that Roman nose well, not exactly a small or medium-sized.Moreover, it is in such a form, it is also quite long.

of today do not have any established canons specifically talking about what should be the shape and size of the nose.Therefore, never complex, if it seems too large.Believe me, some of the men are in a similar facial features some special charm.In any case, now you know how to reduce the nose, it remains only to apply the knowledge in practice.

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