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Caring for your teeth.

Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity

statistics of modern medicine say that almost 1/3 of people in our society are familiar with the problem of sensitive teeth, very unpleasant and very prevents to live a full life.So hard for people to eat sour fruits and berries, ice cream, and drink hot tea or coffee, they can not ... & gt; & gt;

Dental caries: prevention and treatment at home

Dental caries: prevention and treatment at home

Pro caries we all know - the disease does not spare even the small children.Learn more what it is, can be in any directory on medicine, textbook or just on the Internet, not to mention the fact that any dentist will tell you how to deal with this disease and how to avoid it.What causes tooth decay? ... & Gt; & gt;

Sensitive teeth: why and what to do

Sensitive teeth: why and what to do

medical term "hypersensitivity" refers to increased sensitivity of the teeth, and the problem is not so rare: according to statistics, about 40% of people know about it firsthand.On sensitive teeth can tell if their annoying everything: not only touch the toothbrush, but the cold air, col

d drinks ... & gt; & gt;

Plaque: removal at home and at the dentist


What is plaque and why it is formed on our teeth?Because we care for them, we clean them in the morning and evening chew gum after a meal, change your toothbrush, mouthwash use, but the plaque is still there, and then transformed into tartar - what to do?Our teeth have surface layers ... & gt; & gt;

toothpicks and dental floss

Toothpicks and dental floss

Toothpicks ... They are called the oldest dental tool, and there are a lot of evidence.The best are medical toothpicks: they are very thin and made of stainless steel.Dental floss - it's more acclaimed dental dentifrice, and is now beginning to develop more and more people ... & gt; & gt;

How to brush your teeth.Why do you need and how to brush their teeth

How to brush your teeth.

The Russian theme dental care can call the patient, and in the literal sense: a toothache and destroyed, dentist services are very expensive.In Western countries, children are taught to brush their teeth at school, and adults clearly know what is best to clean your teeth after eating - at home, at work, in a cafe or restaurant - than to pay bills at dentists ... & gt; & gt;

Healthy teeth.How to keep your teeth healthy

Strengthening teeth and gums folk remedies.

Extend the life of your teeth and everyone can, of course, if he wants.First of all, the teeth should elementary cleaned, and 10-20 seconds and 3-5 minutes.Toothbrush does not need to buy a cheaper or more expensive, but the one that suits you.As for food, it is also known that there are products useful for the teeth, and have harmful ... & gt; & gt;

Strengthening teeth and gums folk remedies: food and vitamins

Strengthening teeth and gums folk remedies.

folk remedies to strengthen teeth and gums a lot, so it is always possible to choose the appropriate, and use them at home.The weak get stronger gums and teeth are no longer wander, if every day there is fresh garlic.For healthy teeth and gums need: vitamins A, D3, C, B6, and some others;Minerals - calcium and phosphorus ... & gt; & gt;

Gum Disease.Treatment of gum disease: pharmaceutical and folk remedies

Types of inflammation and gum disease .Reasons why inflammation and inflamed gums.Treatment of gum disease : pharmaceutical and folk remedies

Gum disease - a problem faced by 80% of people.Redness, swelling, pain and bleeding - are clear symptoms of the disease.Soreness in inflammation of the gums to help remove pain relievers.Along with the pharmacy drugs to reduce inflammation of the gums can use folk remedies ... & gt; & gt;

dental health.How to restore and preserve the health of the teeth

Healthy teeth.

Regular teeth cleaning to meet some simple rules - it's everything you need to dramatically reduce their chances of getting cavities.Of course, one cleaning teeth "are not satisfied" - is that they need good nutrition, as well as throughout the body as a whole.And metabolism, and the immune system, and way of life - for all dental health is important ... & gt; & gt;

Folk remedies and pills from a toothache.How to get rid of a toothache

Folk remedies and pills from a toothache.

Toothache can occur suddenly.It often happens that a doctor can appeal the next day, and suffer dental pain is simply impossible.Many people in this situation are beginning to drink tablets.As for folk remedies, they can be used much more actively than pharmaceutical drugs ... & gt; & gt;

How quickly whiten teeth at home and in dentistry

Teeth whitening .Why darken teeth.Who and when you can whiten your teeth .How quickly whiten teeth at home and in dentistry

all dream of having a magnificent white-toothed smile.Today there are a large number of modern methods of teeth whitening.Return them to a beautiful color, you can even at home, without the help of professionals.However, many people prefer to remove plaque in dental offices.How quickly whiten teeth? & Gt; & gt;

dental implants.The procedure and the cost advantages of dental implants

Dental implants.

Fortunately, unpleasant dental problems now rather easily solved by this invention as prosthetics.Science does not stand in one place for a long time, and today there are a great alternative to dentures, bridges and installing traditional crown - dental implants.Dental implant is based on a titanium rod ... & gt; & gt;

fresh breath.Causes of bad breath.Oral hygiene

Secrets of fresh breath.

The fact that fresh breath easier to understand, we know not only from the commercial.Nevertheless, the problem of bad breath are facing so many people, of any age and gender.What to do?For oral hygiene is not enough to clean your teeth only - it is necessary to clean the tongue ... & gt; & gt;

Beautiful healthy teeth: daily home care and visits to the dentist

Beautiful healthy teeth: daily home care and visits to the dentist

Beautiful teeth - today it is a necessary attribute for a successful modern man.To keep your teeth longer stay beautiful and healthy learn how to care for them.Dental care consists of two components: the daily home care and regular visits to the dental office ... & gt; & gt;

Periodontitis.Symptoms, causes and prevention of periodontal disease: how to cure


every morning, walking to the mirror, you admire her beautiful smile.But what to do when it is not?If you have time to notice that the state of your gums is not perfect, it is quite possible to be able to cope with their own developing periodontitis.What are the causes of periodontal disease and how to prevent its occurrence? ... & Gt; & gt;

dental jewelry.Decoration Tooth diamonds, crystals and Twinkle

Dental jewelery.

Plaque is a dental plaque, which is formed from the remnants of food, epithelium, bacteria and other elements of oral fluid.Plaque may appear above and below the gums.Plaque - a soft and sticky deposits.They accumulate on the teeth, fillings, crowns, dentures, and even on the gums and tongue ... & gt; & gt;

Tartar and plaque: causes and prevention.Dental care

Tartar and plaque: causes and prevention

Plaque is a dental plaque, which is formed from the remnants of food, epithelium, bacteria and other elements of oral fluid.Plaque may appear above and below the gums.Plaque - a soft and sticky deposits.They accumulate on the teeth, fillings, crowns, dentures, and even on the gums and tongue ... & gt; & gt;

Dental care.Teeth whitening at home

Teeth whitening at home

beautiful smile - the result of regular dental care, an integral part of a modern, prosperous in life.There are several ways to whiten teeth at home.Teeth whitening using whitening toothpaste - very simple and inexpensive way, however, and is not productive ... & gt; & gt;

modern tools and procedures to whiten teeth

for appearance of modern man, his life and career success beautiful white teeth have become very important.After all, white teeth - is an attractive smile and self-confidence in any situation.That is why today so demand different tools and procedures to whiten teeth ... & gt; & gt;

Whitening toothpastes: what are and to whom it is not necessary to whiten teeth

Whitening toothpastes: what it is and to whom it is not necessary to whiten teeth

Today, white-toothed smile has become an integral part of the way modern beauties.Make your teeth white can be at home, using special whitening toothpastes.Whitening toothpastes are composed of many different components and are divided into 2 groups.However, there are those who do not whiten your teeth is ... & gt; & gt;

How to choose a toothbrush.Terms of Use toothbrush

How to choose a toothbrush.

Toothbrush is an important subject of health for every human being.Improperly selected toothbrush can seriously harm the mouth of man, cause damage to the enamel and even the development of stomatitis.How to use the toothbrush: firstly, fly toothbrush is best in a specialized shop ... & gt; & gt;

Caries: causes.Modern dentistry.Dental care

Caries: causes.

no secret that most of us do not like, and even afraid to visit the dentist.As appears caries, what are the reasons for its occurrence?Caries - destruction of dental hard tissues.Causes of dental caries is an abuse of sweets and wrong or insufficient cleaning of the teeth.Treat your teeth painlessly possible today ... & gt; & gt;

Modern methods of correction of malocclusion of the teeth

Modern methods of correction of malocclusion of the teeth

First of all, malocclusion can seriously spoil the appearance of the person.For many people, from childhood crooked teeth are a real inferiority complex.In addition, it is also harmful to health.Orthodontics deals with correction of teeth.It remains to be glad that modern orthodontics able to effectively correct the bite and straighten teeth ... & gt; & gt;

Dental care.Oral diseases: causes, symptoms, treatment

Oral diseases : causes, symptoms, treatment - periodontal disease, periodontitis , gingivitis , dry mouth , stomatitis, cheilites

oral diseases are very common and occur in 80% of children and almost all adults.Diseases of the mouth can occur for a variety of reasons.These include trauma, lack of vitamins and trace elements, the overall decrease in immunity, allergic reactions, infections, the presence of deposits of tartar, poor hygienic condition of the mouth ... & gt; & gt;

Cosmetic Dentistry: what and why cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry .What is cosmetic dentistry .Why do we need cosmetic dentistry ?

can say that cosmetic dentistry is cosmetic surgery for teeth.She had become very popular in the West, and is becoming increasingly popular in our country.It can significantly improve the quality and appearance of your teeth and just recently, dreaming of even white teeth, now you can blestnut beautiful smile ... & gt; & gt;