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Brittle hair.

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Many women wash the head too often, and hard and hot chlorinated water;comb wet hair, use shampoos advertised class "mass market", metal combs and barrettes.

strong styling causes damage to hair hot hair dryer, straightening ironing, painting aggressive compositions, perming;frequent use of styling tools, forming the original and persistent hairstyles - gels, mousses, varnishes, etc .;looking after the use of cosmetics without taking into account the type of hair;smoking and drinking - unfortunately, these reasons are no longer rare.

Lovers beach holiday it is worth remembering that the sea water has an adverse effect on the hair, as well as sudden changes in temperature.

Many women, young and middle-aged, out on the street without a hat, not only in the warm season, but in winter, following the questionable fashion: such an attitude destroys the hair literally "at the root" - you can not dream of a thick and beautiful hair.Incidentally, in the summer, in ver

y hot weather, too, need to cover the hair: our great-grandmothers of all classes did so, and now the beautiful summer hats for women, more and more - choose a few.

Brittle hair
Photo: brittle hair

Power against brittle hair

Nutrition for healthy hair - a vast topic, and a separate, but often leads to the fragility of lack of vitamins A, E, C and B complex, magnesium, selenium, zinc, unsaturated fats and easily digestible protein - however, this list is quite long.This also applies to medications, as they take a lot of people, and quite often: Why not just have to swallow and even stabbing, as soon as possible to improve the health and go to work!

Against this background, genetic factors appear very pale: congenital brittle hair is about 3% of cases.

Means against hair breakage

theme of vitamins and nutrition, as already mentioned, is too broad, but short of something to say, you can.

When brittle hair needs a diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, herbs and protein.Well absorbed egg whites, lean chicken and turkey, tuna, salmon and other sea fish;considered the best whey protein - it is absorbed within minutes, but the body digest proteins cheese harder.

Hard diet owners of brittle hair are contraindicated, but shows the consumption of pure non-carbonated water: Drinking it should be up to 2.5 liters per day.Coffee is better to eliminate - at least temporarily.

Tell in detail about medical cosmetics for hair is impossible, but we note that it is not sold in retail stores and pharmacies.It may also help the professional make - it can be purchased at major salons or barbershops, where the hair is groomed, not just paint them and do hairstyles.Therapeutic same makeup - ideally - should choose a specialist - it must be an individual approach.It should not be applied from case to case, and not constant, but courses.Such cosmetics affects the hair roots and restores its structure internally, does not irritate the skin and does not cause allergies: there is no fragrances, dyes and preservatives, but it costs expensive.In professional cosmetics more nutrients than usual, but she has such a course of action as a therapeutic for quickly and effectively solve many of the problems of hair and scalp.

Brittle hair
Photo: brittle hair

few words about the homemade mask.The most effective for brittle hair mask with oils, particularly olive and almond.

Example: olive oil (1 teaspoon) mixed with a raw egg yolk, add 1 tsphenna, brandy and honey.The mixture was rubbed into the roots of the hair and deposited along the length thereof;to increase the proportion of long hair.Mask hold 30 minutes, rinsed with warm water.

can just over 30 minutes measured, light massage movements rub into the scalp warmed oil, and then wash your head with shampoo.So enough to do it once a week.

Cosmetic procedures give little effect, if not the underlying disease is treated, do not change a way of life and ways of hair care products, so the problem of health and beauty should always be addressed comprehensively.