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Similarly, rub the gums with your fingers, not a brush, a mixture of sea salt and vegetable oil - olive better;Salt should be crushed into powder and mixed with oil to a paste - improves gum health, and the teeth will be white.


When Getting help periodontitis chewing garlic, one clove should be chewed to a pulp and a little hold in the mouth, and then you can spit it out.However, the smell still remains, but there are means to get rid of it: we must chew parsley - fresh herbs or roots, and drink a glass of hot boiled milk.

mouthwash after meals, for the prevention of gum disease, mouth rinse solution resembling the composition of sea water.By the conventional warm water (150-200 ml) was added common salt (1 teaspoon), iodine (2-3 drops) and some baking soda - at the tip of a teaspoon, all agitated - solution is prepared.

If gingivitis begins, it is necessary to quickly change the toothpaste to herbal paste, and change it - and a toothbrush - every 2 mon

ths.Rinse broth parsley, calendula, chamomile, oak bark, green tea or furatsilinom helps destroy bacteria and mucous membranes sealed, and make them less susceptible to infections.

Not everyone knows that the rinse decoction walnut shell acts on the gums is not worse than the oak bark.The broth should be the same color as the strong black tea.

Good strengthens weak gum rinse egg protein: one fresh chicken protein shake up in a liter of boiled water with 1 tspsalts and mouth rinse 2-3 times per day.

There are also homeopathic toothpaste - such as Calendula and arnica - they need to brush your teeth twice a day.Liquid extracts of these funds rinse mouth, adding a little fine salt, and passing the extract through his teeth.

Simple care gums outside, even with the most modern means, not much use if the body does not have enough vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.Especially damaging to gums vitamin C deficiency, but it occurs most often, as this vitamin is rapidly degraded in air and exposed to light during the heat treatment of products.

Vitamins should be taken in the form of complexes, if foods are not enough, and there can help nutritionists: do not buy in a drugstore fashion drugs, which are being shown in ads - and because they advertise that you want to increase demand.


However, the best way to prevent disease - to obtain the necessary substances from food and therefore should learn to eat properly and regularly, at least 4 times a day, and preferably without snacking - as far as possible.Try to eat foods that will benefit the teeth and gums: it is raw vegetables and fruits, nuts and bran, mushrooms, fresh meat and meat products, fish, dairy products and cheese.If you chew sticks of fresh licorice root (without sugar), teeth and gums will be strengthened.

If, in spite of all methods of care, the gums continue to bleed, it is necessary to continue the examination: first at dentists and dentists, and then therapists and other professionals - to cause gum problems can be any internal disease.

And we can reiterate that dentists should attend regularly, even if you do not hurt your teeth and gums are not inflamed - do it at least twice a year, and most of the problems will disappear by itself.

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