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Red pepper hair: for growth and against hair loss

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best known in this respect to the tincture of red pepper hair - it has long been used for hair loss.It operates as described above: increases blood flow to the scalp and nourishes the follicles - the hair follicles, whereby the hair gets more nutrients, better start to grow and become strong, shiny and silky - improving their structure.

How to prepare the infusion, and how it should be properly used to achieve the result?

Pepper tincture on alcohol (70-90%) is sold in a pharmacy, but it is easy to cook at home - on plain vodka.Buy a high quality vodka (brandy possible), no additives, chop 1 medium pepper pod, fill it with vodka (100 grams) in a glass jar and leave for 2 weeks in a dark place.

The second method is the same, but you can put as much as 2 large (5 small) peppers directly into 0.5 liter bottle of vodka, and also to insist in a dark place.Pepper can be fresh or dried, and finished tincture can be stored in the same place where she was preparing - i

n a dry, dark place.

Apply tincture red hot peppers for hair treatment is simple .It is necessary to rub it into the hair roots and cover your head with polyethylene and top wear a warm hat or wrap oneself with a thick towel.Pure infusion is not recommended - you can get a skin burn, so it is best mixed with oil: 2 parts tincture - 1 part oil.Burning should be felt in any case - it means that the substance of red pepper work, but it should not be too strong - to endure and suffer is not necessary.To dilute tincture is considered to be the best one for burdock - so hair immediately receive more nutrients, but you can take and linseed, castor, olive or other vegetable oil rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids.Generally burdock oil with red pepper can be bought at a pharmacy - they are specifically designed for the treatment of problem hair.

Keep the mixture on the hair roots can be about an hour or 2 hours if a burning sensation is quite tolerant, but then you have to wash your head with shampoo.It is enough to do it 1-2 times a week to the hair stronger and grow better than steel, but you can often - unless there is a strong discomfort.For oily scalp tincture is diluted with no oil, herbs and broth or water.

red pepper hair

Mask for hair with red pepper

effective mask with yogurt - it can do for oily hair loose.To 2 tablespoonstincture as much added fat yogurt, and heated the mixture is applied to a dry scalp, wrap up, holding for 2-3 hours and wash.

By kefir and tincture can be added and mustard - it's a great stimulating mask for weakened hair.Kefir - 3 tablespoons tincture - 2 tablespoons dry mustard - 1 tspThe mixture was rubbed into the roots of the hair, and keep only 40 minutes, and then thoroughly rinsed with warm water.

mask with yeast, honey and milk perfectly nourishes the hair roots.1 tbspYeast bred warmed milk and 1 tsphoney, and on 30 minutes put the mixture warm.Then add pepper tincture (2 tbsp), mixed, applied to the roots of the hair, hold for an hour and wash off.Feeding effect of the mask is expressed because the pores of the scalp are expanded, and "vitamin-mineral cocktail" of honey, yeast and milk quickly gets inside.

pepper tincture can be mixed 1: 1 with honey and hold on the scalp up to 2 hours, and can be added to the masks chili powder, at 1-1 / 2 teaspoons, depending on the sensitivity of the skin.

strongly weakened, brittle and hair fall will pepper-vitamin mask.It is necessary to mix several oil capsules pharmacy of vitamins A and E with 2 tbsppepper tincture, put a mask on the hair roots - the head should be clean, - bundle up the heat and keep the mask for 2 hours.You can make it through the day - your hair will become stronger, no longer break and fall out.

Colorless henna is known for its healing properties: it even without any additional supplements has a beneficial effect on the hair, makes them shine and helps to grow faster.Mixed with pepper tincture it works even harder.It is necessary to separate the cooled boiled water about 20 grams of henna powder, add 40 g of tincture, and the resulting mush rub the hair roots.Keep a few hours, polyethylene and wrapped a thick towel, then wash your hair with warm water with your shampoo and rinse hair chamomile extract.Course masks - 3 months, 1 time per week.The effect of the mask will be stronger if the henna plant instead of water heated yogurt (kefir).Hair after these masks are very soft and silky and dandruff if it was disappearing.

make masks with pepper tincture should be cautious: it should not fall on the own hair and skin of the face - the hair of it will break, and may appear on the face burns.In order not to burn your hands, it is better to make a mask of latex gloves - you can buy them at any pharmacy.