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Face Care .Facial fall, winter , spring and summer .Care for oily, dry , normal and combination skin

healthy and beautiful skin: food that is bad for the skin, the recipes for skin

Healthy and beautiful skin: food that is bad for the skin, recipes for skin nourishment

It so happens that our skin just dying of hunger, but we do not see, or do not understand what is happening.And if the skin begins to peel, it becomes dry, limp, prone to inflammation, irritation and premature aging - it is clear that it is in deficit, with often disastrous, vitamins and trace elements ... & gt; & gt;

Skin Care after 40 Personal care 45 years: the rules

Skin Care after 40 Personal care 45 years: the rules

In his youth, it seems that thirty, forty, and even more so fifty years so unimaginably far away, maybe, and will not come at all.However, there comes a time when we are 40. Age-related changes occur not only within us but also in appearance.How to care for themselves after 40 years, how to stay beautiful and attractive? ... & Gt; & gt;

whitening skin.The color of the skin.The pigmentation of the skin and its treatment

Freckles and pigment spots can annoy a person not less than acne and wrinkles.Increased pigmentation may be the result of the skin

begins to "protect" from the sun, but perhaps it's a sign of a certain malfunction of the body.Diseases and conditions of the skin and body, under which appear hyperpigmentation, a great multitude ... & gt; & gt;

How to remove the shine of the skin.Masks against greasy

Many of you have probably faced the problem of oily skin.Shiny chin and forehead, a little pleasant, besides, people with this type of skin are most susceptible to the disease of acne (acne).In this article we will discuss how to care for oily skin is to remove the shine and give examples of masks against greasy ... & gt; & gt;

Skin Care in summer!

Summer is in full swing.The sun's rays and the maximum force to get rid of clothes.Besides holiday soon - when else sunbathe swim-plenty?Just the thing: not always, our skin is ready to withstand the irrepressible impulse to beauty and fashion - and soon, any touch to it like a scalded with boiling water, because of the dryness and irritation.How to prevent a catastrophic situation? & Gt; & gt;

hydration and nutrition of the skin.Day and night creams

shortage of water in the body ages the skin, reduces its elasticity, contributes to wrinkles.Therefore, after cleansing the skin, moisten.For this there are special moisturizers, skin covering an invisible protective layer.The main purpose of a day cream - moisturizing skin and hold her own against evaporation of moisture ... & gt; & gt;

Caring for skin in winter: the right to wash, to choose the means to care and salon treatment

Our skin, adapting to different weather conditions, changes its basic properties.When cold weather and decreasing daylight decreases sebum.Oily skin is moderately oily, normal closer to dry, dry becomes very dry and sensitive.These features definitely need to consider when choosing cosmetics and skin care techniques in the winter ... & gt; & gt;

Care after summer: overdried skin, pigmentation, weak vessels

Caring for your teeth.

Care after summer ... At the beginning of autumn sun is still bright, so do not forget about protecting cosmetics for skin with an SPF of at Low: 15 filter.Brown spots nobody paint.Chances are you perezagorali not use sufficient protection against UV rays.The problem of weak vessels familiar to many women ... & gt; & gt;

Mixed skin.Care Mixed (combination) skin

You have a mixed type of skin?Then, I think you should read this article to the end.Today we talk about combined or mixed type of skin.Care for this type of skin - not an easy procedure.After all, this type is characterized by increased production of sebum in the T-zone and normal, and sometimes the dry skin on the cheeks ... & gt; & gt;

How to care for dry skin?Care products for dry skin

Skin Care - an important part of your "image".The skin can be of different types, and it is important to choose care products specifically for your skin type.How to care for dry skin?In this article we will tell you about the modern means to care for dry skin: cleansing, hydration, nutrition, masks, peels and scrubs ... & gt; & gt;

care products for oily skin.Overview of modern market

with oily skin a lot of problems.Women with oily skin, there is a more intensive work of the sebaceous glands, and it promotes the appearance of greasy and some of the problems associated with it, namely, enlarged pores and acne.Today we'll take a "market survey", running through the store shelves of cosmetics and cosmetic departments ... & gt; & gt;

skin care program.Seasonal Skin Care

Skin care program.

Care varies in different seasons, as weather and climatic conditions have different effects on the skin.In the summer, we usually look better than ever, tanned, refreshed.With the onset of autumn, we sadly note that sunbathing and swimming dried skin and hair.In winter days, the skin needs especially careful care ... & gt; & gt;