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The density of hair.

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confuse them better in the following combinations: oil incense and rosemary, sage and cypress, peppermint and tea tree, mint and sage, incense and sweet, rosewood and Petitgrain and others. As a base oil suitable for grape seed oil,walnut, olive, almond, linseed, sesame oil, rapeseed oil, jojoba oil, avocado.Vegetable oils can be mixed with each other, as well as add to the masks pharmaceutic vitamins A and E in the oil.

mask with essential oils give a result when subject to prolonged use - 3 to 6 months.Do they have to be twice a week, before washing the head;hold for an hour and wash off.Little hairs - 1-2 cm in length - may appear within 3 months, if not stop, and continue to apply the mask on a regular basis, they will continue to grow and increase the density of hair.Ideally, it is recommended not to stop the mask at all, and make them to maintain the density of hair at least once a week.

Hair Density

reduces hair loss and improves their growth - and hence the dens

ity, - the following mixture.Jojoba oil, almond and sesame - 1 tbsp, essential oils of sage and cypress - 6 drops.

Thin hair are gaining momentum and become thicker under the influence of masks with essential oil Bay.Oil Bay (6 drops) was mixed with avocado oil (2 tablespoons), and pharmacy solutions oil vitamins E and A.

extracts and herbal infusions also contribute, but they should be selected by color.For dark hair suit herbs such as stinging nettle and St. John's wort, for light - chamomile, and for red - calendula.Infusions and decoctions can be done at home by yourself, and the extracts easier to buy in a pharmacy;they are mixed 1: 1 with honey and raw egg yolk was added and then all applied to the scalp and hair for 30-40 minutes.

Masks, improving hair growth - it is almost the same as for density.Many women prefer a mask with mustard and pepper - they are really useful because they cause a strong rush of blood to the scalp and thus hair is supplied with nutrients.

What determines the density of hair

However, these nutrients do not come from nowhere: to get into the blood, they must be ingested continuously - food must be complete and balanced.

Therefore density of hair depends on the lifestyle .If you dream of thick hair, forget about the harmful foods that seem so delicious and familiar, and start to play sports, or at least do morning exercises - accelerates metabolism, and will strengthen not only the hair, but also nails and skin.

If the power is not enough vitamins and minerals you need to take them further, in the form of vitamin-mineral complexes, choosing the best and proven products - unfortunately in the market today are many fakes.Clean water should also be ingested in sufficient quantities: Then and hair, and the skin will always be well hydrated and healthy.

In addition, the hair must always be to treat: hot hair dryer and styling every day weakens the hair - they become thin and sparse.Very bad hair straightening irons: it seems that the roots of iron is not affected, but the hair starts to fall.

Besides reducing masks and hairdressing procedures to improve the thickness of hair can help physiotherapy facilities such as darsonval and others.

trichologists specialists can also help solve the problem of hair: there are tools to help you "wake up" the hair follicles.For example, there is a massage with stimulating drugs, which is done in beauty salons.Tools such as Hairtonic, are considered safe, and allow for greater density of hair for about 4 months - to the hair returns luster and elasticity.

If you have the patience to carry it all, the means to strong hold hair and thickening hair sprays will never be used - your hair will always be dense, healthy and strong.

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