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condition of nails - an indicator of the state of the whole organism.The milky-white spots on the nails (Leukonychia) can occur as a result of liver disease or injury of the nail plate.White spots - a cluster of immature cells and voids therebetween.Exfoliate, brittle nails can indicate improper care or gipovitaminoze, as well as metabolic disorders.

If you want to significantly shorten the nails, it is better to file down their nail file to prevent delamination.

Strengthen nails.Means to strengthen nails

Perfectly strengthens nails lemon juice if to rub it in the nail holes.Even more effect can be achieved by means of feeding means for cuticles and nails, which contains lemon oil and vitamin E, have good permeability.Rub it needs to cuticles 1-2 times a day (morning and evening, when you use hand cream).The result was not long in coming.

Mycosis nail

One of the common problems are mycosis - fungal diseases.They do not appear overnight - this is the resul

t of a long process that starts on the feet.This problem should contact a dermatologist.The fungus does not pass on its own, could be resolved only by the sufficiently long treatment.

Daily nail care

  • Nails must be clean.Wherever possible, twice a day, brush, wipe the nails.They, like the skin, peeling necessary for normal life.
  • Nails need to feed.Daily use fat cream - before going to bed, massaging, rubbing it into the nail bed.It is not only smoothes, and softens the skin around the nails, stimulates the blood circulation of the nail bed.
  • Hands must be properly washed.When sensitive, brittle nails are not soap, and oil from orange peels.
  • Weak nails should be treated.If the nails are very brittle, it is necessary to carry out a course of treatment.During this period, please refrain from the manicure.

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