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Aerobics and gymnastics face ( facial muscles ) .Wrinkle treatment with exercise - a unique complex

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Aerobics and gymnastics face (facial muscles)

Aerobics and gymnastics face (facial muscles)

Dear readers, this section we have been devoting beauty and youthful skin of the face and neck.The better you will understand in this matter, and the healthier your skin will be well-groomed, and the longer you keep it young.Deal will start with the skin, which processes there are, what it contains, it feeds the skin, etc.What tricks were not allowed women in their quest for eternal youth.However, it kept the secret of youth in you.We present you a unique set of anti-wrinkle, all the exercises are aimed at smoothing out wrinkles by tensing and relaxing the muscles.This section we divided into 7 thematic parts.We strongly recommend that you read the entire section, and assure you, you will not be disappointed and your face, too.

Introduction.Skin rejuvenation: Myth or Reality

Over the years, the skin loses a lot of useful elements: collagen, elastin, and other fibers that promote skin elasticity.There are natural and prematu

re aging, the natural signs of aging occur due to pre-programmed biological changes at a cellular level.The speed with which each of us is aging, depends on many of our genes.The natural aging process is natural and irreversible, it is impossible to resist.Premature aging depends on the action of various external and internal ... & gt; & gt;

Part 5 facial deformities.Treatment and elimination of congenital facial deformities

women older than 30 is especially difficult to resist the appearance of a second (double) chin.Especially sharply the second (double) the existence of a full chin poisons ladies.With a double chin can and must be fought - special exercises against a second chin and herbal medicine to help you cope with this unpleasant phenomenon.At any age and any build efforts gymnastic exercises against the second jaw can ensure that your chin will ... & gt; & gt;

Part 6: How to visually hide the flaws of the face - or his own make-up artist

No women with perfectly shaped face, smooth skin flawless.However, if you know how to properly make-up, fix and correct the irregularities, it is possible to achieve smooth flat shapes, smooth velvety skin and alluring look.It is not necessary to be a good make-up artist to make your face more attractive due to modern cosmetics.A little cunning and competent approach - and your face on the cover of a fashion magazine.A special technique of makeup application and implementation will help you make a beautiful make-up and fashionable, and the face of gentle, smooth and attractive ... & gt; & gt;

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