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Onion peel hair: dyeing loss and

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When applied to the hair in front by hook or lotion onion peel , nettle and cloves, they will be strengthened and will grow faster.Fresh nettle take 100 grams, chopped cloves - 7 pieces, onion peel - 30 g, and pour all the mixture of water (0.5 cups) and alcohol (250 mL).Capacity with a mixture of herbs tightly closed and clean for 2 weeks in a dark place.On the hair is applied to the hook or 2 hours before.

onion skins for dyeing hair

However, most of the onion skins and its use for the hair remember when they think about their coloring.Of course, women are not yet who used onion peel for hair coloring, it is interested in this and would like to try to do it - because natural is always better than chemical dyes, hair and they bring only benefits, and also broth husk well fills the gray hair.

dark-haired ladies can hardly try to paint the hair onion skins, but they can use it as a remedy.If the hair is light enough, after staining husks of onio

ns they become slightly golden.To achieve this color, it is necessary to prepare a strong broth: 50 g of husk fill with 200 ml of water, boil for 20 minutes, and the broth is ready to use for daily application to the hair - in this case it is possible to achieve relatively stable shade.

to give a brown-golden hue, onion skin need more.Half cup peels should be boiled for 20 minutes, the bay glass of water.The cooled and strained broth add glycerol (2 tsp), and rub into your hair every day, for three weeks.

reddish orange shade is obtained if boiled in the same manner 30 g of husk, and use the same 2-3 weeks - in general, the operating principle is substantially the same as in the dyeing of Easter eggs.

chestnut color is obtained as follows: in an enamel pan with capacity of 3 l put the husk (1/3 pans), pour it with boiling water (1-1.5 liters), and cook for half an hour on low heat, remove, filtered and cooled.Head before coloring it is necessary to wash thoroughly with your shampoo.Then lightly dry the hair, divide them into strands, and each strand is uniformly applied broth to paint over the hair well.Head harbor polyethylene film, a thick towel, and keep well for about 2 hours.

As already mentioned, you can paint the gray hair broth onion peel, if a strong broth add 2 tspglycerin, be highlighted in gray is better - apply the mixture on your hair need 2-3 times a week.

Use onion peel

Still, to make it clearer why onion peel is so useful, and health, costs a little more to talk about its composition: it often, as mentioned above, we simply throw away this valuable natural product, do notthinking about how many diseases it helps to alleviate and even cure.

onion peel is used in pharmacology, in the manufacture of many medicines and vitamins: it contains a lot of flavonoids, volatile, kill bacteria, fungal pathogens and other diseases;and vitamins - a carotene, vitamins C, PP, E, group B;Minerals - iron, phosphorus and potassium.Rich onion peel and organic acids, but one of its components deserves mention - is quercetin, flavonols, which has many therapeutic actions: diuretic, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, antispasmodic, antiedematous and even antitumor and radioprotective as some experts say.Quercetin is used in the manufacture of many serious medicines for the treatment of inflammation, frostbite and burns, heart disease and blood vessels, asthma, cataracts, as well as various forms of cancer.In cosmetology quercetin used in the preparations for the prevention of premature skin aging.

onion peel contains a sufficiently large number of quercetin, and therefore on the hair she has such a magical - and it is completely free!- Action.

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