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Hand Massage restores strength and tired muscles after a long and strong physical stress, strengthens joints and ligaments hands.Improves healing of bones and soft tissues of the hands from injuries, reducing pain and swelling.

Self-massage of hands manicure done at the end when the hand cream is applied.Nourishing cream rubbed stroking movements in the direction from the tip to the base of the fingers, and then to the wrist, elbow, shoulder.At the same time, we like to grab with one hand to another.Stroking movements are interrupted by short pushes toward the bone.

Particular attention is paid to the massage of the hands and fingers.After all, in eastern views, located on the wrist acupressure points related to the head, eyes and ears, lungs, intestines, bladder and all the spine.

Massage begins with the little finger, about the middle of the nail.Leg massage the thumbs of both hands freely and easily, in a circular motion, 3-5 times in the direction from the first kn

uckle to the tip in the opposite direction.Then, doing a massage of the same index, the ring, middle finger and thumb.

Place the hand palm up and thumb doing a light circular motion.Then, change the position of the hands and massaged the back of the hand.Hand already lying palm down.Thumbs up on both sides of a rear portion of the brush.The index and middle - a brush to the top of the palm.Massage start from the wrist and light rubbing movement rise up to the fingertips.Then, doing the same motion back down - from the fingertips to the wrist.The procedure is repeated 3-5 times.Finally, gently wrapped around the brush, free massage in a circular motion from right to left joint.

And now - "beating".Pulling one hand, squeeze the fingers into a fist and beat the edge of his hand the second hand shortly and rhythmically at arm's length from the toes up to his armpits.First, on the inner side of the hand, then - on the outside.

then make tweaks.Also in the direction from the fingertips to the wrist, and then to the elbow and shoulder pads grab the thumb and forefinger of one hand the skin and soft tissues of the other.It improves muscle tone, which weaken with age and sag, and already do not look beautiful in a dress without sleeves.But if you're an athlete, you do not threaten.

Now go to the joints.Rubs and mash each, starting with the toes.A circular motion massaging each finger and joint separately.We make a few circular motions brushes alternately left and right.Compress your fingers into fists and unclenched them.Remember how in the first grade we have been doing these exercises and this poem was told: - We wrote, we wrote.Our fingers are tired.We have a little rest and start writing again? "It is very useful to move his fingers as if playing the piano - this is gymnastics for fingers.Such exercises and self-massage should be done regularly.

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