Care zalitsom

Caring for the lips.

Health and Beauty Facial

In addition, choosing another lipstick or lip gloss, pay attention to their composition.Such nutrients as cocoa butter, or almond oil and vitamins A and E as part of makeup will care for your lips all day.

Care Lip: folk remedies for cracks on the lips

  • few times a day smazhem lips fresh butter or melted fat bird.Thus, we will provide the skin with vitamin B and soften them.
  • to cook a casserole?Take a little bit of cheese, a drop of carrot juice and make a mask for lips.Vitamins A and C, as well as the power provided by the lips.
  • If cracked lips deep - make effective cream 5 grams of rhizomes Potentilla erase in a powder and cook in 200 grams of butter.This cream will be therapeutic agents and vitamin B.
  • If weather-beaten lips - warm up the candle wax with hemp oil, stir and smear composition lips at night.In the morning everything will be okay.
  • To prevent possible at night to grease the lips any vegetable juice or honey - perfectly nourishes, disinfects, provides
    essential micronutrients.
  • abrasions and cracks on the lips well treated gruel of apple, mixed with butter.The skin receives treatment and food.
  • If lips were red stains - so soon the skin will begin to peel.It helps decoction of flaxseed: two cups of water to cook 2 tablespoons of flaxseed to bring a lot to the state of slurry.This composition spread lips.
  • slightly dry skin and chapped lips composition can be saved from the petals of a single rose and a spoon of lard.All this should be a good grind and pump on the lips.

Thus, prevention and again prevention!Make sure that the skin on your lips never lacked in the moisture that it is less influenced by adverse factors and allergens.Supplies your body with a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals, fat - and then you will have no reason to think over, why dry and cracked lips .And you'll look your best!

Uprazheniya lip.Care Lip

To keep elasticity of lips, follow these uprazheniya:

  • Pull the lips and Blow as if extinguish the candle, and then relax your lips.
    Repeat 7-10 times.
  • Take a deep breath and inflate the cheeks.Exhale slowly at first, then - like pushing air.
    Repeat 10 times.
  • articulating vigorously, to pronounce the vowel "a", "o", "y", "and", "s".
    Repeat 7-10 times

  • Pull the lips forward and slightly open mouth like a fish during respiration.Close and release the lips.
    Repeat 10-20 times.
  • Move the lower jaw with the lips at the same time consistently left and right.
    Repeat 10-20 times.
  • stick out your tongue as much as possible and hold for 2-3 seconds so.Remove the tongue and relax 1-2 seconds.
    Repeat 5 times.

Massage Lip

In order to improve circulation and preserve the freshness of the lips follow the minute light massage movements Tapping fingertips.After the massage, the lips should be lubricated with fat cream and leave it for 10 minutes.

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