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is important to understand that the purchase in retail stores such quality cosmetics, has healing properties and can provide maximum care and restoration of damaged hair, it is impossible for a very good reason: the purchase of tools for hair care without expert advice as questionable asthe purchase of medicines in the pharmacy hearsay.In good salon offers a range of revitalizing treatments for hair and advise how to care for your hair exactly.For salon treatments include hair mask, peeling, ampoule treatment of hair loss and other medical facilities, dyeing, cutting, perming, styling and other procedures.

natural hair care - not a one salon "action", hair requires daily care of their health and beauty.Let's try to learn proper hair care .

Experts recommend to treat the hair and the means to care for them both to the choice of drugs.Careful examination, diagnosis and selection of funds - shampoo and treatment ampoules - in that the hair care needs of any type, at least

once every two to three months.Today, owners of any type of hair you want to use balms-conditioners help protect hair from the adverse effects of the metropolis, as well as various means of laying - hot hair dryer, gels, paints and so on. D. Air conditioners contain not only medical, but also protective, coating agents,thanks to which the structure of the hair is not damaged.Inside, you can choose a balm, not only the appropriate type of hair, but the peculiarities of your character.If you have no time, it is best suited as a spray balm, on the principle of "struck and order"!If you love to take care of themselves, it features a balm in the form of creams or masks.

A number of basic principles hair care homes - purification, mitigation, recovery - meets the same guidelines as for skin care.Also, be aware that the beauty of the hair depends on your state of health: mental health and mood.

rules of hair care

  • wash your hair 1-2 times a week;
  • use shampoo for your hair type;
  • during washing do not forget to massage your head;
  • shampoo rinse with cool water - it will give them shine;
  • not hold the dryer close to the hair and long in one place;
  • combing frequently;it is desirable to make it a thick wooden comb or brush massage - it improves blood circulation;
  • when hair care is very important to use the masks-applications, which are applied for 2-3 hours before washing.First, a mask is applied on the skin active partings in a circular motion, so that the skin is moved relative to the bone.Then cover the hair.The head scarf tied polyethylene and wrapped with a towel.
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