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Clay therapy.

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Blue clay is extracted in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria and is a powdered mass with a pH of 7.3.Recommended in pure form (when mixed with water) for use as masks for the hair and skin of the face and body.It is believed that blue clay softens and tones the skin, clears acne, whiten, smooths wrinkles, has anti-cellulite, anti-bacterial and anti-stress effect.

face mask of blue clay

2 tablespoons Blue (blue) clay, add it mineral water or tea brew, so to get a consistency of thick cream.Add the resulting mixture of 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.Very good mix, crush all lumps.The mask is applied with a thick layer on clean face except the eye area.Keep the mask should be no more than 15 minutes.Rinse the mask with warm water is necessary.

green clay.Masks made of green clay facial

Green clay colored with iron oxide.Also contains magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, aluminum, copper, cobalt and molybdenum.It used mainly in cosmetics for oily skin and

hair, dandruff.The pH 7, containing about 50% silica, 13% alumina and 15% other minerals: silver, copper, gold, and heavy metals.

Red clay.Masks made of red clay

red clay color combinations due to the presence of iron oxide and copper.It's not such a good adsorbent as green clay.Used with a lack of iron in the body.

pink clay.Masks from pink clay facial

Pink clay contains red and white clay in different proportions.It incorporates microcells and smoothing has a disinfectant effect on the skin.Soft pink clay is recommended for delicate care of the epidermis.It is also used as an astringent and smoothing mask and shampoo for normal hair.

cosmetologists say that the choice of a particular type of clay depends on the patient's problem, the state of his skin.Clay is mixed with water, hardens quickly and as soon as it loses moisture, its moisturizing effect on the skin is leveled, it narrows the pores and dries the skin.This mask is not suitable for dry and especially sensitive skin.Therefore, owners of normal, dry or sensitive skin is better to use a clay mask on the basis of emulsion - finished cosmetic products.They are gentle way affect the skin retain moisture better, and have more pronounced moisturizing effect.At home in a clay solution, you can add a drop of olive oil.

clay mask for all skin types

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