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Care of the neck.

Health and Beauty Facial

make weekly mask for neck and peeling.Use a scrub and mask better evening, after you are treated with a skin tonic.Rinse off the mask or scrub, wipe again with a neck tonic to restore the normal pH of the skin, broken when washing.Again, apply the cream.In order not to stretch the skin, performing all of these procedures should be directed to touch the center of her neck to the side surface.It requires the same care and décolleté.

Gymnastics for neck

first exercise
Pull his lips and strongly articulating, say the three letters - "On-U-I."This exercise strengthens the muscles of the neck wide.

second exercise - "a mirror»
Sit in front of a mirror, put the fingers of one hand just below the collarbone, his other hand - on the chin.Lower down the corners of the mouth (as if someone express his contempt), the tense neck muscles.Hands will feel the muscle tension.The mirror will be seen as the skin on the neck rises up.
muscles tense and relax your alternate it.Repeat t

his exercise 2-3 times daily.

  • care neck.Nutritional and vitamin mask for a neck massage
  • neck.Self-massage and compresses to the neck
Care of the neck: Charging and exercises for the neck, neck mask

Care of the neck: Charging and exercises for the neck, the neck mask

We always forget to take care of the neck, limiting his care of her only hygiene.However, longer neck to keep a youth and elasticity, requires constant care - a mask for the neck.Maintain good form of the neck, extend its youth allow special exercises.How to remove the second (double) chin at home? ... & Gt; & gt;

loose skin on the neck

Loose skin on the neck

skin care, one way or another, courting every woman, but of the neck many people forget: because it can always hide behind the high collar sweater or sweatshirt, wear a trendy scarf or a scarf, but after the summer soI want to put on a dress or sarafan open and loose skin does not allow - and what to do? ... & gt; & gt;

Useful treatments for neck, self-massage of the neck

Useful treatments for neck, self-massage of the neck.

present you a few treatments for the neck.Self-massage the neck beauticians advise to do every day.Self-massage strengthens the neck muscles of the face, neck allows you to clean the skin of toxins and fat, improves blood circulation.There are dry and wet methods for neck massage.To preserve the beauty of the neck longer need the right pillow ... & gt; & gt;

Planting head.How to keep your head.Exercises from the withers

Planting head.

It is very important what you have poise.Smart woman, even in critical situations does not lower his head.How to keep your head?Flexible, beautiful neck movements gives grace and elegance.The head should be held high, without straining your neck.We offer exercise to get rid of "withers" ... & gt; & gt;