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usual kefir, sour milk or whey, too, give hair shine - they must apply on the hair for 30 minutes before washing, cover film and warm.Wash your head with shampoo as usual.

can be added to curdled colorless henna - it is well strengthens hair.Yogurt should be slightly warmed, mixed with henna to the consistency of sour cream, and half an hour to the hair along the entire length.Rinse off with water without shampoo.

mask with cognac (vodka, alcohol) (1 tsp) and raw egg yolk : the mixture is rubbed into the hair, wrap up and hold for 15 minutes;wash off with water without shampoo.There is also an option - to replace alcohol cucumber juice with the addition of a small amount of salt.

another mask with eggs for shiny hair .

  • beat 2 eggs and mix with castor oil (2 tablespoons), glycerin (1 tablespoon) and vinegar (1 tsp).The mixture is applied to clean hair massage, wrap your head and hold for 30 minutes;wash your shampoo.The hair will become softer
    and will shine.
  • his shampoo (2 tablespoons) mixed with raw egg, beaten with 1 tablespoonpowdered gelatin.Apply the mixture on the hair for an hour and rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Fresh berries of mountain ash (100 g) was carefully knead, mix with yogurt (1 cup) and a raw egg, to the hair and after 20 minutes rinse with warm water.The hair will shine and hairstyle will be bulk.

mask with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar (½ tsp), sour cream (2 tablespoons) and warm corn oil (1 tsp).The mixture is applied to the hair for 30 minutes before shampooing, and keep, wrapped warmly.

hair will shine if regularly to make masks with banana , olive oil and natural yogurt (1 tablespoon).Ripe banana is necessary to knead and mix with yogurt and butter, and put the mush on the entire length of the hair using a comb with a few teeth.Cover the film, warm, and keep for 25-30 minutes, wash your hair as usual and dry without a dryer.

Watermelon mask : chop watermelon (2-3 chunk) to a pulp, squeeze the juice, strain;mush apply on the scalp and hair, cover, insulate and keep 30 minutes.Wash your head with shampoo and rinse your hair with water with added juice of watermelon - when they dry out, are silky and shiny.

restores hair and gives it shine mask with milk and sea buckthorn .Milk and mashed sea-buckthorn berries mixed with white clay (all for 2 tablespoons), and apply the mixture on the hair for 30 minutes.Wash your shampoo.

gloss blond hair strengthens mask with chamomile and apple cider vinegar (lemon juice).Dried flowers chamomile (2 tablespoons) pour a glass of boiled water, half an hour and strain applied to washed hair.Rinse with warm water, which added to apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.

Gloss is enhanced by dark hair masks with natural coffee .It is necessary to finely grind 2 tablespoonscoffee, brew a cup of boiling water, cool, strain, and apply to the hair along the entire length, cover and keep the film 30 minutes.Wash your hair with shampoo.

sage infusion also gives dark hair shine.Fresh leaves - ½ cup, boil 0.5 liters of boiled water, strain and rinse hair after washing.

Red-haired beauty, you can use the properties of carrot juice and beet : natural red hair found today quite rare, and to emphasize their beauty is sure - the mask with the juices of these vegetables give fiery red hair bright shades enhance their brilliance and color depth.

Fresh juice carrots and beets mixed 1: 1, and about 200-300 ml of this mixture is applied to the hair, cover with foil, wrap up and head for 2-3 minutes warm up with hot hair dryer.Then the mask holding more 15-20 minutes and wash off with warm water - so you can do 1-2 times a week.Mask juice should be applied carefully: advance zagotovte cosmetic drive with an alcoholic lotion or cleansing milk and remove the mixture from the temples, neck and forehead, if it gets there, otherwise the skin will turn too.

rinsers and air conditioning for shiny hair

rinsers giving shine to all hair types can be cooked with herbs .

rosemary, nasturtium and calendula, mix in equal parts, a handful of herbs pour 500 ml of boiling water and boil for 20 minutes.Cool, strain, and use to rinse the hair after washing.

rinse Another recipe: in a bottle with white wine pour chopped herb chamomile, rosemary and marjoram, and for a week put in a dark place.Strain and use for cooking rinse: 200 ml of warm water is necessary to stir 2 tablespoonstinctures and rinse your hair with this mixture - they will be better to comb and shiny.

very simple home air conditioner can be cooked with honey .His shampoo with honey should be mixed 1: 1 to the hair ½ cup of the mixture and keep warm for 30 minutes.Wash your hair with warm water.This procedure is perfectly moisturizes the hair, but if you are allergic to honey this mask should not be used.

Generally it applies to all domestic funds, whether it be a mask for the hair or skin, first it is necessary to conduct a small test, causing a bit of cooked mixture on the skin of the forearm - if all goes well, the tool can be used safely.Rinsing the hair after wash, try to last as much as possible the water was cool - then the scales will close the hair, the hair is smoothed and natural shine to them back.

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