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So, if you are going to do a pedicure at home, carefully prepare the legs.Fill the basin with hot water.Rub on a small grater soap into a bowl and sprinkle in.You can add liquid soap, shower gel, lemon juice, tablets foot bath or sea salt.A little baking soda and ammonia perfectly soften nails and skin on the toes.You can add the water a vegetable or olive oil, use herbal or pine baths, but either way, the legs should be thoroughly steam out before proceeding to the main routine.To water temperature remained the same from time to time poured into the basin of hot water.Once you feel that the skin on his legs to steam as it should, you can begin to process it.Determine the condition of the skin is quite simple - it should be soft and pale pink.Rub your heels and soles with a piece of fine pumice or special brush a loose leg in a circular motion.You can use special cleansing peeling for the feet to remove dead skin particles of skin.Peeling Foot scru

b can replace conventional or improvised means (calcined sand, sea salt, semolina with olive oil).Buffed feet, rinse them with water.After 20-30 minutes, you can proceed directly to a pedicure.

Hoc spatula from manicure sets gently move the cuticle at the base of the nail to nail free "breathe."Dermal roller surrounding the nail, sometimes grows, almost half of the nail.It not only looks ugly, but unhygienic, so if you want your nails are beautiful, move your nail cuticles.The skin at the base of the nail will grow more slowly, if immediately after the foot bath gently push her out of the corner with a towel.It is considered that the cuticle cut around the fingers can not because it can lead to skin inflammation.

Take the tweezers and scissors and cut the nails, giving them a nice shape.Thumb nail trim only in a straight line to avoid it growing into his finger.Ingrown nail - a very unpleasant thing, inconvenience and pain when walking, and this is sufficient to remove the serious cosmetic defect can not everyone, even the experienced master pedicure.Do not trim the nail on the big toe too short - it should protect the edge fingers by friction with shoes, hindering thus the appearance of blisters.Very thick and hard toenails cut after 10 minutes of steaming, but do not increase the duration of the procedure, as it is very harmful for the nails.To the right, a straight line to trim toenails, remove the nail corners with special nail clippers after steaming.

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