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To minimize the impact of aggressive peroxide on the hair and scalp need to know: First, their individual characteristics, and secondly, the basic rules of cooking lightening composition.

result of applying peroxide is highly dependent on the natural hair color, their density and hygroscopicity: a light, thin and easy-absorbent hair faster amenable to clarification.

use of hydrogen peroxide to lighten hair

To prepare lightening composition can use any container, except for the metal: metal necessarily come to the oxidation reaction, and the implications of the resulting composition of the hair can be sad - well, if your hair still remain in place.

wand for applying the composition to the hair, too, must not be metallic: Take a plastic or wooden, and tightly wrap it with cotton wool.Wash your hair before the procedure should not lighten, brighten and even better hair peroxide 2-3 days after the last wash - so your scalp will be better protected fr

om its aggressive impact.The skin on the forehead, temples and ears necessarily lubricated by any fat cream or Vaseline - it is also necessary to protect against ingress of peroxide.

With an average length of hair can take up to 50 grams of the composition, or even more, so be prepared with a stock if necessary to prepare an additional portion in the process of coloring hair is lightened uneven.For thick and dense hair is used 8-12% peroxide solution, hair of medium density and thickness - 6%, for fine and rare - 4% solution.

Hydrogen peroxide is not cooked at home - solutions within the allowable concentrations are sold in pharmacies and cosmetics stores - from 3 to 30%.Hairdressers usually use 26-30% solution - perhydrol;at home you can apply gidroperit - these pills are in any drugstore.To prepare 1 ml of 30% hydrogen peroxide solution must be dissolved one such tablet in 1 ml of water.

Apply brightening composition to the hair, starting from the back, gently moving forward from the ends to the roots.Masks We typically applied in a different way, but the peroxide acts on the roots faster, so the product is applied to them at the end of the procedure.Apply to gently, but quickly, because the composition is washed off at the same time with all the hair if the delay, the hair will be a different shade.Thin vellus hair color last, because they are very thin;When all the hair will be processed, their comb, gathered at the crown.

Keep peroxide in the hair should be up to 20 minutes - no more, and then wash your hair and be sure to rinse with acidified water.If you do not, the discoloration may continue: plain water washes away the peroxide from the surface, but it remains within the hair.Acids stop this process: it is possible to take water with vinegar, or the usual apple or lemon juice (citric acid);This closes the scales and restore the structure hair look healthy and shiny.

use of hydrogen peroxide for hair removal

with sodium peroxide can lighten even remove hair on other parts of the body: arms, legs, upper lip, and so on, but on the aggressive influence of peroxide on the skin should not be forgotten- after all, today there are ways of getting rid of unwanted hair, and not all of them prohibitively expensive, so if you want to choose is not difficult.

If you still want to use peroxide, you can try some recipes.On the hairy area of ​​the skin once a week, in the evening, for 10-15 minutes is applied to the emulsion prepared from a mixture of 6% peroxide, soap cream, liquid ammonia (5 drops).Wash broth chamomile.Hair brighten gradually become thinner and break off.If the hair a little, they can discolor or perhydrol 5-10% peroxide solution several times a day, wiping wetted swab in it.To a solution of ammonia should be added - a few drops.

perhydrol diluted with water, it is best to 1:10 daily and compresses applied to him in the place from which it is necessary to remove hair within 3-4 days.Keep the compresses should be 1-2 hours.

Perhaps strive to paint the hair, we will always - at least up until not come up with new tools to quickly change the image.In ancient times, women of fashion had to endure real torture - for example, the Roman beauties greased hair infusions of herbs, quince decoction and the ash solution, and then lying or sitting on the solntsepёke as long as the hair is beginning to brighten - and so had to do a lot of times.Today we do not have to make such sacrifices for the sake of beauty, but also long-peroxide bleaching can be attributed to old and outdated methods, and choose the hair dye more gentle way.

Contraindications hydrogen peroxide

Application peroxide contraindicated for sensitive skin and tendencies to allergies;when damaged hair and split it, too, should not be used.

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