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vitamin mask with onion juice and egg yolk nourishes and moisturizes hair .Juice (1 tablespoon) mixed with egg yolk, add 1 tablespooncastor and burdock oil, oil solution of vitamin A (or E), and the essential oil of ylang-ylang and lemon - 2-3 drops.The mixture is rubbed into the hair roots, and after half an hour wash the head.If the mask burns strongly (this happens if you are hypersensitive essential oils), it should be washed off immediately.

nourishing hair mask made with onion juice (2 tbsp) honey (1 tsp), yogurt and burdock oil (1 tablespoon).The mixture is rubbed into the hair roots and lubricate the entire length of the hair, the head of harbor film and hold an hour.Wash with your shampoo.

If the hair do not grow, fade and break, onion also helps .Before the hook or it is necessary to rub into the scalp 1 tbsponion juice, wait 10 minutes and rub the same amount of fresh aloe juice.After some time, wash the head broth of herbs: lemon balm

and peppermint - 1 tablespoon, nettle leaves - 2½ tablespoons, yarrow - 1 tbspHerbs pour boiling water (1 liter), wrap up and insist 10 minutes, then strain and use to wash it.

improves hair growth mixture of onion juice (1 tsp) with aloe juice and honey (1 tablespoon).To the mixture of raw egg yolk, mix and rub into the roots washed and blow dried hair, cover with foil and a towel, hold for half an hour and wash the head with warm water and shampoo.Rinse broth onion peel and nettle.The procedure is carried out once a week.

onion juice helps fight dandruff and .When dry seborrhea before washing hair in her skin rubbed a mixture of onion juice, castor oil and vodka - all in equal parts.Keep an hour and thoroughly rinsed.For oily seborrhea can do without oil: pour a glass of vodka, a large onion, infuse for 2 weeks, and 2 times a week infusion rubbed into the scalp in front by hook.

Hair loss is well stopped by the mask onion with garlic .Gruel fresh onion and garlic mix - 2 tablespoons, rubbed into the scalp, applied to the hair and cover, and an hour later wash your shampoo and rinse broth nettle and chamomile.

If you make a mask of yogurt and onions, the smell will be less.It is necessary to squeeze the juice from a large bulb, mix 1: 1 with yogurt, and 40 minutes to the hair.

mask with the juice of onion and garlic: onion juice - 2 tablespoons juice garlic and cognac - 1 tbsp, burdock oil - 1 tablespoon oil, rosemary - 5 drops, raw egg yolk.Mix burdock oil with rosemary, add the remaining ingredients and apply on the hair for an hour.

stimulates the growth of hair mask with onion juice, lemon and carrot - 2-3 tablespoons, burdock oil (1 tsp), and yeast - 1 tspdry yeast diluted in 2 tablespoonswarm water.The mixture is applied to the hair roots and the entire length of the hair, cover with foil, wrap up and hold an hour or a little more.

mask with onion juice and red pepper tincture : castor oil and burdock, onion juice and pepper vodka - 1 tbsp, vitamin A oil - 5 drops and egg yolk.The ingredients are mixed, and the last to add the essential oils of ylang-ylang and sage - 3 drops.Is applied to the hair roots and the entire length, washed in an hour.

Onion masks are very effective - Few other masks are so good and fast, but the majority of women refuse them: so is very difficult to clean up after the head - so that no more onion smell.By itself, the bow is not so guilty, even though he does smell proof - the fact that so many women hair is now badly damaged, they influence the structure of the hair dryer broken, perms, coloring, etc.Such hair is very porous onion juice and wash it difficult, but the ways still is, so to give up onion masks, making luxurious hair and strong, not necessarily.

To get started, try to use exactly those recipes that use only the onion juice, not paste (the same goes for garlic).Juice washed off easily, and thus will have less odor;wash away the mask is better not to hot and cold water, or at least room temperature - hot water from the smell of onions enhanced.After washing, it is necessary to rinse hair decoction of herbs: nettle, burdock, chamomile, etc.- Broth kept on the hair for 5 minutes, and then rinsed with pure water.If we add the broth lemon juice to get rid of the smell is even easier, and the hair is to be useful.Well helps to get rid of the smell of onions with a mixture of colorless henna.The bag of henna mixed with mustard (1 tsp) freshly poured coffee, cooled down to 80-90 ° C (coffee is necessary to take a natural and freshly ground), stirred until the condition of slurry, and cover with lid.Insist 10 minutes and add the essential oil of rosemary, lavender or cedar - 5 drops.This mixture is applied to the hair after the onion mask shampoo already washed 2 times, hide your head and hold another 20 minutes, then washed hair with warm water and rinse several times a strong decoction of the herb mixture of mint, chamomile and nettle.Such a procedure is, of course, takes time but it is worth remembering that beauty really requires patience and care.

You can also add in the onion pulp of ripe banana mask, and then rinse your hair with water and essential oils of citrus - grapefruit, orange, lemon (3-4 drops per 1 liter), or a solution of apple cider vinegar with water - 1: 1.

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