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Sunburn and tanning.

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If you took a shower, then wait at least 20 minutes before applying self-tanning.If the skin is wet or on the traces of a cream, tan may lie unevenly, leaving unsightly stains that are difficult to correct.

Whether spray, cream or gel, the main thing - to put it quickly and evenly throughout the body.Try to cover any part of the body as a whole.Take, for example, a leg.Many tanning is applied on the feet as follows: first on the shin, and then on the knee and then on the hip.This is wrong, it should be applied directly to the entire tanning leather legs completely, and this squeeze it once a sufficient amount of cream to be enough for the entire leg.You can work out in advance, such as a lotion for the body to develop at the necessary habit.Do not rub strongly elbows, knees, ankles and décolleté.In these areas, tanning is particularly strong, so walk on them slightly.If then they will seem not quite tanned, you can always put on them an additional portion of tanning.Tann

ing is absorbed quickly, so immediately after the application wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, especially that on the palms and nail cuticle tanning is particularly well absorbed.Therefore, in addition to the cuticles, rinse with soap and a brush.

Not until then do not touch.Typically, instructions for tanning is said that you can get dressed immediately or after half an hour after application.But most cosmetologists agree that it is better to wait for 1 to 1.5 hours.And if you really value your clothes, wait for 2 hours.During this time you can do manicure, fix her hair and do other, no less useful things.Just do not sit on the furniture or on a white sheet - you can sit on a towel dark.Immediately after using the funds do not take a shower or bath.Wait at least 3 hours after application of tanning.

Maintaining Sun

Resistance tanning is largely dependent on the quality of the product and the individual characteristics of your skin.Usually tan begins to fade in 3-5 days after application.To refresh your tan, do not have to wait until it disappears completely, to re-apply self-tanning.Typically, support can be, causing a means once a week.But, as in the first case, first be sure to test it to find out what will be a new shade, it can get somewhat darker.

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