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well protect hair against heat mask with oil of pine nuts or mango .Cedar oil contains a lot of vitamins and other biologically active ingredients and generously nourishes the hair and mango butter helps hair retain natural moisture.

mixes with oils and masks are kept on the hair for about 30-50 minutes and wash off, but decoctions of herbs (burdock, nettle, plantain, calendula, mother and stepmother, sage, chamomile, etc.) Can be left onhair - during installation, they will protect them perfectly, and the hairstyle will look even better.

Honey is useful for any type of hair: the nutrients in it are many .They are missing and hair - they are after the honey masks are no longer break, and scalp.Restores and protects the hair mask with honey (2 tablespoons) vegetable oil and apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon).The mixture was rubbed into the clean hair over the entire length with a shampoo and rinsed after 30 minutes.

Damaged dry hair and protect an

d strengthen the mask with colorless henna.Henna is necessary to take 2 tablespoons, stir it with water until the consistency of sour cream, add a raw egg yolk and liquid honey - 1 tablespoon, stir, put on your hair, wrap foil and a towel and keep 20 minutes.Then rinse your shampoo and apply a protective balm.Effective is a mask with glycerol, but it can be done only once a week - even with dry hair.Glycerin is mixed with vinegar (1 tsp), add burdock oil (2 tablespoons) and the beaten egg, stirring again, applied to the hair, cover, and hold for 20 minutes.Wash your shampoo.

mask with cream, butter, wheat germ and almonds (1 tablespoon) and lemon essential oil (a few drops) is applied to the hair for 15 minutes.Hair is less dry and no longer break.

20 g of dry rye bread have to soak in hot water, cool to 40 ° C, grind to a state of pulp and rub the pulp into the hair.Hold for 2 hours, then thoroughly wash your hair with warm water without shampoo.

masks to protect hair from the sun

Similar mask and protect hair from the sun : they also used the cream, oil, lemon juice, egg yolks, oily solutions of pharmacy of vitamins A and E. It can be oiled onlythe tips of the hair and do not rinse it - it will be imperceptible, and split the hair will be much less.

In the hot season, when we walk with her head uncovered, hair are suffering from the sun.The protective mask and compresses should be done from June to September, 1-2 times a week - they also help to reduce the negative impact of hair dryers and irons.

dry hair mask will help with the juice of fresh cucumber and onion (1 tablespoon), and almond butter (½ tbsp).If your hair is long, the ingredients can be taken in 2 times more.The mixture is rubbed into the scalp and the hair along the entire length and hold 10-15 minutes, then wash the head of a mild shampoo.

Under normal hair is often used to protect the already famous mask olive oil, honey and egg yolk, but they still added a fresh cherry juice - 1 tspThe components are thoroughly mixed and applied to the hair for 20 minutes.

Mask for oily hair : bran and crushed mint leaves (2 tablespoons) and Melissa (½ tablespoons) poured in boiling water (1 liter), cover with a lid and cook on low heat for 10 minutes;add salt (1 tsp) and cook another 5 minutes.The broth is filtered, cooled and used as a shampoo: rubbed into the scalp and hair, hold for 2-3 minutes, then wash the head with warm water and rinse with cool.

Security tips Hair home

When you wash your hair, do not use too hard water - no hair will not survive.If the water from your tap a lot of salt, and even bleach, boil water for washing the hair and adds to it a few drops of lemon juice and 1 tspbaking soda.If you absolutely no time, use boiled water to rinse the least.

Good nutrition is just as important to the health and strength of hair : include in the diet of good oil and natural proteins, complex carbohydrates, seafood, fruits and vegetables, nuts and honey.Drink plenty of fluids, especially clean water: the hair will not be able to maintain a normal level of moisture if the moisture will come to them from inside the body.Pick up for his hair vitamins and minerals with natural ingredients, and watch out - today, a lot of fakes.

dryers and irons really help us in shaping the image of beauty, but it is necessary to use them wisely and choose well.For example, hair dryers, stylers and hair dryers, hair diffusers provide a more gentle, safe and gentle drying than normal, and they must be cold blowing mode - then the hair will not get hurt.Irons better to buy ceramic instead of metal: they are more expensive, but do not burn the hair, but to call them absolutely safe also impossible.So do not use these devices every day, otherwise no cosmetics can not protect your hair and keep their beauty.

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