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Olive oil for skin.Olive oil for dry, oily and normal skin .Masks with olive oil

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Cleansing olive oil

first thing one has to learn - to clean the skin with olive oil .The simplest scrub: wheat bran (2 tablespoons) and the same amount of oil to mix, massaging the face and neck for 1-2 minutes, then wash with warm water.

To prepare cosmetic milk need a glass of milk, cucumber, olive oil (1 tsp) and any essential oil that is right for you (1-2 drops).Cucumber rubbed on a fine grater, pour warm boiled milk and insisting under cover for an hour.Then filter, add oil - olive and essential, mix and use - as easy night cream, the nutritional cleansing lotion and makeup remover.Milk can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

face mask with olive oil you can do with any type of skin.

Mask with olive oil for dry skin

  • mask with olive oil and
    - nourishing and whitening: white beans (5-6 grains) Boil, mash, add the lemon juice and olive oil (1 tsp of.), stir for 20 minutes and put on the face.Rinse off with warm water.
  • mask with olive oil and onions : small crude onion bake in the oven, peel and grind into mush, add honey and oil (1 tsp), mix and apply as in the previous recipe.Even very dry skin returns to normal.

Mask with olive oil for normal skin

  • Nourishing and soothing mask with olive oil : low-fat cottage cheese (1 teaspoon) mixed with olive oil and parsley juice (½ tsp of), trituratedand for 15-20 minutes the mask is applied to the face.Wash off with warm water.
  • cleansing and soothing mask with cucumber and olive oil : cucumber (½) rubbed on a fine grater and squeeze out the juice.The rest of gruel add sour milk and butter (1 tsp), mixed and applied to the face and neck for 20 minutes.Then wash with cool water and wipe the skin with cucumber juice.
  • with a mixture of oils can take care of dry and normal skin of the face and neck : olive oil (1 tablespoon) mixed with rosemary oil (5 drops), rosewood (3 drops) and geranium (2 drops).This mixture lubricate the face and neck 1-2 times a day.

Mask with olive oil for oily skin

  • degreasing, softens and smoothes the skin : starch (1 teaspoon) mixed with a small amount of fresh tomato juice until thick gruel, add the olive oil, stirringand apply the mixture on your face for 15 minutes.Wash off with warm water.
  • mask with oatmeal and improves skin tones : oatmeal mixed with butter and sour milk (all 1 tsp), add a pinch of salt, stir and leave for a while.When the salt is dissolved, and oatmeal razmoknet, still again stirred for 15 minutes and applied to the skin.Wash off with warm water.
  • mask with olive oil and cabbage : fresh cabbage (sheet) to grind and mix with 50 g of olive oil (2 tablespoons).Apply on face for 15 minutes, rinse with cool water.

Mask with olive oil for all skin types

  • vitamins, moisturizing and cleansing mask and dill : dill (2 tablespoons), olive oil (1 tsp), a little bit of ground oatmeal.Dill wash, dry, and mince, add the butter and cereals - until a thick slurry.Mass apply a thick layer (up to 1 cm) on the face for 15 minutes.Rinse off with warm water.
  • cosmetic clay mask that improves skin color : clay (1 teaspoon), diluted with water to the consistency of sour cream, mixed with olive oil (1 tablespoon) and 15 minutes to put on your face.Rinse off with warm water.

soothe irritated skin mask with olive oil and banana : ¼ ripe banana mash with, add the pulp of fresh cucumber and butter (1 teaspoon), mix and apply on face for half an hour.Rinse with cool water.

refresh aging skin mask with lemon and egg yolk .If you apply it regularly, wrinkles smoothed, and the new will not appear for a long time.Limon (¼) milled together with peel is added yolk and oil (1 tsp), stirred and oat flour.The resulting slurry was stirred again, and 20 minutes is applied to the face and neck.Wash off with warm water.

Olive oil is part of many cosmetic , including hydrophilic oils and cosmetic soap.

No wonder it is called oil elixir of youth of the skin: it rejuvenates, accelerates cell regeneration, keeps the skin firm and elastic, wrinkles, prevents new and never causes allergies.Therefore we can safely use it: caring for sensitive and problem skin;for the treatment of burns, inflammation, bruises, injuries, wounds and ulcers, and even insect bites.

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