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What woman has not heard of the old anti-aging techniques or methods used by the ancients thousands of years ago to rejuvenate and maintain health?Our ancestors were in the arsenal of nearly hardware procedure.By this procedure can be attributed stone therapy (Stone therapy) - massage the body (and face) hot stones.Stone therapy - an ancient procedure.Even in Mesopotamia doctors laid the body of the patient's small hot stones.Treatment of stones based on temperature effects on blood vessels, changing modes of heat and cold.It is believed that this stone shall inform the body of what it lacks.No wonder the ancient Indians believed that some stones are able to pick up bad energy, and Japanese monks thousands of years ago knew and used the healing properties of hot rocks.We loved soak up the warm stones Chinese Empress and the Romans.And in our time, the beauty and vanity still do not get along together, and therefore become popular ancient methods of stress reduction.Mo

dern methods of stone therapy developed by members of the American Association of Masseurs Mary Nelson Hennigan Arizona.The technique is based on a singular touch and a special massage using hot and cold stones using acupressure - Shiatsu.Stones of different sizes (usually rare, exotic stones such as jade or Hawaiian pebble) are heated in a special device;some warm stones placed on different hot spots on the body (to have a positive impact on certain internal organs);he further held massage - light, soothing, iron movement and pressing, usually under special harmonizing music.

Massage stones allows such a positive impact on many human organs, normalizes metabolism, microcirculation in the tissues (due to temperature effects), and, most importantly, this massage has an incredible relaxing and harmonizing effect;even after one session, you will notice a positive effect of massage is not only the body but also to the "soul", the psyche.Women often stabilizes hormones, and you remember that hormonal imbalance is one of the causes of cellulite;stress, which also provokes cellulite and premature aging, too, retreats;and the effect of relaxation of the procedure is sometimes so powerful that even in the face smoothed some wrinkles - so relaxing and positive impetus to get the facial muscles (even if the massage is performed only by the body).The session lasts about 30 minutes.For best effect should be done 5-6 procedures.The whole course of hot stone massage will cost you about $ 100.

effect stone therapy (Stone therapy)

What is the effect?The effect you choose for yourself!It depends on the temperature of the stones, the intensity of massage, the various components of the session.Someone wants to relax and take a nap, and someone waiting for the great things that's always better manage our toes.So stone therapy toning effect is expressed in strengthening the processes of excitation in the central nervous system.Calm - in the inhibition of the CNS, cause mild, rhythmic and prolonged irritation eksterno- and proprioceptors.Wishes Speak specialists.

most often at stone therapy using heated basalt, marble sometimes.The first through the porous structure slowly cools and generously shares with its human warmth and positive energy.However, not tested for radioactivity basalt may be, on the contrary, it is a health hazard.

According to ancient knowledge, stones - a reservoir in which the accumulated energy of the earth.Stones of volcanic rocks, such as basalt, unique in the fact that they have taken refuge just four elements - live fire, water, earth and air.They are eager to share their energy, therefore they are used for stone therapy.

today to replace the gray basalt stone came another - a bright, cheerful jadeite.Bright green, volcanic origin - call it the imperial stone sauna.

Inside, you can offer to combine with stone therapy massage, aromatherapy, various wraps.Just imagine: you're soaking up the energy of the warm stones are lying in the shadows, inhale the aroma appropriate to your mood (or zodiac sign) aromatic oils, and somewhere nearby gurgling fountain and the music plays ... Nerves of guitar strings gradually transformed into soft algae.

Stone therapy is not aimed at weight loss or getting rid of the orange peel.However, if the cause of your excessive roundness and hilly formations - stress after stone therapy you have to fight only against its manifestations in your body.

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