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Moisturize skin of the face and hands.

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milk-based home-cooked and tonics that can moisturize as the face, décolleté and hands.For this you can use at your discretion berries (strawberries, strawberry, raspberry), orange pulp, banana or apple usual.Fruits and berries (2 tbsp) peeled and seeds (if any), are crushed to a pulp and pour hot milk (1 tbsp.).Thereafter, the mixture was added a teaspoon of glycerin, allowed to cool and then filtered.Apply for moisturizing the skin twice a day.

modern cosmetics for skin hydration

modern cosmetic industry is actively using in their moisturizers plant components, such as aloe vera, chestnut, iris and cucumber.They are considered effective humectants and, in addition, contain a variety of vitamins and trace elements.Vegetable oils such as sesame oil, sea buckthorn or flaxseed are also able to maintain a long time water-saving function of the skin, which further enhances the ability of producers to increase their range.

One of the most affordable and yet quality product

s is the Russian cosmetics «Green Mama» (Green Mama), created on the basis of natural components.In its product range includes a variety of means to moisturize the skin.To take care of the skin of the face, you can try the day cream, "Sage and rosehips" biphasic cream "plantain and mother-and-stepmother" (67 gr., From 182 rubles.), Or serum moisturizing care "Chestnut and honey".Use creams should be familiar to you properly, but the serum has a dual effect.It can be used by a point, as a treatment for a particularly parched places, and can be applied to the entire face, like a normal moisturizer.For dry skin, hands are most effective cream "Calendula oil and currant" (60 g., From 96 rubles.) And the Mask "Linseed oil and Horsetail" (112 gr., 150 rub.).The mask is applied for up to 25 minutes, while in order to avoid drying it is necessary to periodically sprinkle your hands with warm water (better to take the help of others), and then simply rinse under running water.

more expensive cosmetic products is considered an American company Mary Kay (Mary Kay), which for decades is very popular all over the world.Tools created specifically for different types of skin moisture, with protective factors presented in various forms (cream, gel, liquid cream).For example, the line "Taymvayz" includes cream normal / dry (Timewise® Age-Fighting Moisturiser normal / dry, 88 ml, 700 rub.), Combination / oily (Timewise® Age-Fighting Moisturiser combo / oily, 88 ml700 rub.) of the skin.Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they are in addition to moisturizing ingredients contain antioxidants that fight free radicals that cause premature aging of the skin.

Whichever company and the value was not cosmetic, most importantly, choosing the means and the way to restore the water balance of the skin, you should pay attention not only to what the condition is your skin now, but also on what type it is, in principle,.This is necessary in order to avoid its improper humidification and worsen the situation in general.Therefore, if you are somewhat unsure, better to seek help from qualified professionals.