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Grinding face at home

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mixtures gommazha easy to cook at home, and store in a dry form, and before the divorce procedure required amount of cleansing milk, cream or other liquid products for the face.For example, use the following mixture: 2 parts semolina and one part of oatmeal and orange powder - to obtain it is necessary to grind in a coffee grinder dried orange zest.This exfoliation is suitable for dry and sensitive skin.For oily skin, use the following mixture: 1 part rice flour and cream powder and 2 parts barley flour.

general for gommazha can cook a variety of mix, if necessary, grinding into powder in a coffee grinder any ingredients: grain cereals, legumes, seeds and nuts, dried seaweed and herbs, dried flower petals and citrus peel, spices, etc.

For example, gommage with spices can be mixed, ground ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, anise, rose petals and marigolds - such a mixture warms up the skin, improves blood circulation and removes toxins.You can even mix different colors cos

metic clay, and instead of milk or cream to use fresh juice of berries and fruits, or dairy products - yogurt, yogurt, etc. - In this case, a light exfoliating acids.


to procedures grinding face , which can be performed at home, and is brossazh - certainly not in the sense in which it is done in salons.For Brossazh using special devices with brushes, or simply different brushes and sponges made of natural materials - with their help with the skin removes dead skin cells.Movement schёtochek must comply with the massage lines and improve lymph flow, and inside the procedure is carried out expert, but you can learn to do brossazh and houses: the main thing - do not overdo it.

Buy moderately rigid brush with natural bristles - Today kits Brossazh sold in many cosmetic stores - and use it together with scrub, first apply to the face scrub, as usual, and then about 10 minutes carefully spend brush onall the massage lines.After the procedure, it is necessary to wash with water at room temperature and applied to the face cloth soaked in cold tea - it will protect the skin from irritation.

Chemical peels at home

At home, you can also do a superficial chemical peel - such as fruit acids - tartaric, citric, and others. Cosmetic products with fruit acids in stores and pharmacies sold enough - you just have to buy them, and followinstructions for use.For dry skin, such procedures are particularly suitable as acid stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, causing a rush of blood, the skin becomes moist and supple.

On the other hand, and for oily skin peeling such useful: the sebaceous glands are cleansed, and decreases the likelihood of acne and comedones, fade dark spots, etc.

To get rid of acne well to salicylic acid - after peeling to her skin can peel off, but it reduces inflammation and kills bacteria.

can also be bought at the pharmacy 5-10% solution of calcium chloride, and make a home chemical peel with it - for the first time it is better to dissolve even weaker by adding saline or distilled water.Calcium chloride is applied in a layer 4, and immediately after the procedure make peeling face mask with moisturizing and soothing ingredients.

do chemical peels can be no more than 5 minutes, or even less - it depends on the skin type.

If skin is oily, chemical peels carried out with acids should be once a week;for dry and sensitive skin, you can do it once a month.Usually, to receive and secure a positive result requires 10 procedures.After the procedure should not use decorative cosmetics during the day, and the sun is also better not to go - should be especially careful in the spring and summer.

general, all these procedures provide good results, provided the regularity of their conduct, so if you do not have the patience to continue to care for themselves at home, it is better not to start at all, and give this thing professionals working in beauty salons.